Busy Wright Discusses His Recruitment

So far his high school career has produced 3 state titles and 2 Mr. Basketball's in Tennessee. Not bad for a junior in high school AND Brandan Wright has already seen the Duke-UNC series in two different venues.

Aside from having another season of eligibility, there's not a whole left for Brandan Wright to accomplish on the high school level. The 6-foot-9 junior power forward out of Nashville (Tenn.) Brentwood Academy recently captured his 3rd state title and 2nd Mr. Basketball award.

When you think about it, his career has been rather remarkable. "I guess I just have to continue on the same path and keep on winning," a humble Wright said. How many kids have a chance to win 4 state titles? LeBron came close but just short.

Regardless, Wright is not LeBron but he is a big time prospect in the Class of 2006. A big time one.

Georgia Tech's recruiting pitch to him centers around a comparison to Chris Bosh and that's not such a farfetched analysis. Wright is a 205-pound skilled – at both ends – forward. He's long, agile, athletic, competitive and ultra-successful. Basically, there aren't five better prospects in a loaded junior class than this young man.

When you have the kind of tools and are polished both on the court and off like Wright, the letters N-B-A are sure to come up. Wright knows it; he hears it from his peers all the time. The talk is out and there and while it's getting old speaking about it, he doesn't duck the subject.

"It has no bearing on me," Wright says. "I'm just going to go out there and play. If I make the jump, I make the jump. If I play 2-3 years in school that's what I do."

With all the recent chatter on the prospective age limit in the NBA, what exactly does an elite prospect think about the potential rule change? "I'm neutral," Wright said. "It's going to be hard for the NBA to try to stop guys from making money. I don't think you can stop them from making money. With everything else, I can understand them putting in the rule. They don't want underdeveloped guys in the league."

Wright will cross the NBA path when the time comes and on his own terms. Recently, he has looked more like a kid ready to move into a college dorm than an MTV-style crib. In the last 5 weeks, Wright has seen games at the Dean Smith Center and in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Wright said that both trips just made sense. He went to Duke during a break in his school schedule. His UNC visit came immediately following the state title game. Big time schools playing big time games, why not take the trips?

"Duke was fun," Wright said. "They treated me well and showed me around the campus and took me through everything and it was good overall. It's Duke. The coaching staff is amazing. They have great guys on the staff. Coach K is one of the best coaches in basketball. With all the traditional and all it's hard to compare to."

Ah, but Wright was able to make a comparison when he traveled the 8 miles down Tobacco Road last weekend. "It was the same as Duke. I enjoyed everything from the players to the coaches to the hospitality. It was very similar to the Duke trip with all the hall of famers in the rafters and the old tradition…"

If you listen to Wright for a few minutes speak on tradition, your first inclination is to label him a retro guy, maybe even a throwback to another era. Nah, he's just a kid who knows what he wants and that's to win. "Those two schools are winning. If they weren't winning tradition wouldn't matter."

Wright didn't get a chance to see any other campuses this past season, but that's not to say his list is at two. In fact, he's got Kentucky, Kansas, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest on his mind as well and Wright spoke on each of the programs.

Wright's has admired the UK program since his formative years. "[Kentucky's] kind of like my first love school back when I was younger growing up. I remember watching Coach Pitino and all the national title runs. Coach Smith is a great guy too. After a loss you know they come out with a strong performance. I'm close with Coach Hanson; we've got good chemistry."

As we mentioned before, Tech is selling him on Bosh and that's got his attention. "I looked at the schools and see what's most appealing. I could see myself doing similar things as Chris Bosh at Tech."

And of course there's the "Chris Paul Effect" luring him to Winston-Salem. "With Wake Forest, they're a program on the rise. They're an elite program now and I can see myself catching a year with Chris Paul."

Over in Lawrence, the foundation of a relationship is being laid by the coach. "A few assistant coaches have come and talked to me. Coach Self has called. The relationship is growing with the staff and I like the style of play."

But can anyone really recruit Wright with the full court intensity it takes to land a player of his caliber? What about the NBA? "A lot of coaches tell me I have a chance to do other things," Wright said. "But I tell them that I'm not worried about that right now."

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