Keion Kindred: The Last Don

After a mass exodus of players from Compton (CA) Dominguez point guard Keion Kindred resisted the temptation to transfer and now he's having the best season of his career as the leader of a much-depleted Dons squad.

Kindred Has Great Options

When coach Russell Otis wasn't retained and interim coach Steve Singleton didn't get the Dominguez job on a full-time basis, three of the team's best players left for supposed greener pastures. That left 6-4 point guard Keion Kindred with a decision to make. Transfer or become the heart and soul of a new era for Dominguez basketball? He stayed and now he's having a breakout season.

Kindred, never regarded as a scorer, is averaging 25 points, 6 boards and 5 assists for Dominguez. Once guys like Darius Sanders, Samir Hernandez and Bobby Jones transferred, the scoring burden rested squarely on his shoulders. Talk to Kindred now, and he's a much more confident person and basketball player than he was a year ago.

"Once you shoot the ball and you get your confidence you can become confident," Kindred said. "Like you said, the shackles are off. They said I couldn't shoot and actually I can shoot. It just took some time to bring it out of me."

Now that Kindred has solidified his status as a fine spring signee, he'll soon begin sifting through the recruiting process. He committed, but didn't sign with UTEP in the fall. "My mom decided that I should wait. She thought that other schools would come and the situation would get better."

While UTEP remains in the fray, Oklahoma State, Auburn, UConn, Oregon and Providence are now knocking on his door. Oregon, OSU, Auburn and UTEP have offered. Temple is talking to him as well. NC State recently called on him.

So far, he's seen UTEP and Minnesota up close on official visits. The Gophers are not recruiting him and he has no other trips planned. "I don't have any now, but I am looking forward to take some after the season."

One former Dominguez standout Kindred keeps up with is Chicago Bulls forward Tyson Chandler. "He came to the game (Tuesday night). What was funny was that he didn't know that I was wearing his number. No. 5 was too small so I wore his jersey. He told me that I have to represent his number. Everytime I scored I looked at him and tapped the jersey."

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