2006 Focus: Bobby Shannon

Potomac finished its season undefeated at 27-0 over the weekend. Villanova-bound Dante Cunningham is the top senior on the team but the best prospect just might be junior wing man Bobby Shannon.

Bobby Shannon and Potomac had a great season. Last Saturday, they defeated Aberdeen 83-74 to win the 2A state title in Maryland. Shannon, a 6-foot-5 Class of 2006 wing man, had 32 points and 9 rebounds in the contest.

Shannon averaged over 25 points a game this past season. He's a high-major guy who hasn't popped up on anyone's radar to date. While he's got the talent to play at a high level, he's got to take care of some academic issues and his arrival on a college campus might be delayed.

The Class of 2006 standout is already thinking a prep year would help him get eligible. "I struggled my first two years but I'm starting to get the hang of it and I'm going to do a prep year," Shannon said. "I need to get my core classes up."

Basically, Shannon will play one more year of high school basketball and then another prep school. That should give recruiters plenty of time to catch wind of him and also allow the young man to beef up his transcript.

How good is he? "How many times do you see a kid dunk it 10 times in a game," one prominent high-major assistant said. "He's a freak. If he had grades, we'd be all over him."

Presently, there is no one "all over" Shannon. "I've gotten letters but that's but 35 cents in the mail. Until I see somebody offering me a scholarship, I don't think anybody is recruiting me." The junior says he's open to listening to anyone. He's also open to another idea.

Maybe it was youthful exuberance after winning the state championship or it might have been a cry for attention, but Shannon thinks he could have another option after high school.

"Out of high school I plan to enter draft anyway," Shannon said. "I haven't shown every aspect of my game yet. I've just focused on my team. We had one goal in mind and got that accomplished. I need to get into the Nike Camps and the adidas Camps and really focus on me."

Entering the NBA Draft and earning a scholarship are two completely different things. One thing we know about Shannon is that he'll run with the D.C. Blue Devils this spring and in another month or two he will no longer be a national secret. As for his NBA aspirations, well, there's much to be proven in that department.

Recruiters from Memphis, Iowa State, Arkansas and Georgetown have been in touch. For a time, it was tough tracking down Shannon and we use the fact that Virginia Tech was sending his mail to Riverdale Baptist until recently. He began the year at Laurinburg Prep before finding his way back to Potomac. The well-traveled Shannon will move again but for now he's focused on improving his name and his game.

"I got so much more potential. When I put my mind to something there's nothing that can hold me down. I've looked at the previous drafts and I'm the same type of caliber player these other kids are. The only thing they've got on me is the exposure."

Time will tell whether or not Shannon can back up that kind of talk but one thing is certain, he's going to get his chance in a few weeks.

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