2006 Focus: Brian Carlwell

Brian Carlwell, a junior out of Proviso East, has himself a big time scholarship offer. The 6-foot-8, 240 pounder talks about his recruitment and what he's looking for in a college.

There's a myth that somehow gets perpetuated about Provision East junior center Brian Carlwell. The Class of 2006 standout doesn't get it but everyone thinks he's 6-foot-10. "I think I'm about 6-foot-8, maybe," Carlwell said.

"When I first came in as a freshman everyone said I was 6-foot-10 so it stuck." How many times is a player willing to cop to an incorrect height when it doesn't favor him? Not many, so Carlwell scored some points with us in our initial conversation.

"I think my strength is being able to run the court for a big man," Carlwell said. "I rebound the ball well. I have to get a little better on my offensive game and shot blocking timing. I have to get better with my right hand also. I'm left-handed so I have to develop a right hand to do more things."

With a qualifying score on the ACT in his back pocket, the young man is now able to look at his recruitment from a different perspective. "I wanted to get the season out of the way before I take visits but once it's over I'll check out a couple of people and see what everyone has to offer," Carlwell said.

Carlwell attends the same high school that current Illinois standout Dee Brown played at. Michigan State junior Shannon Brown is also an alumnus of the school. Funny, both of those schools are on his current list.

Carlwell says he would definitely like to visit Illinois, Florida State, Arizona and Michigan State. "Those are the main ones and I'll try to visit those for sure," Carlwell said. "Illinois has offered. I like the coaches and their style of play."

Carlwell says he would like to take his time in picking a school though he wouldn't be opposed to committing to the right one if he were moved by a program. "Once I go check out the places and see what I like, if those are the ones that I like then I'll have to wait. But if Illinois is the place where I want to go, then that's where I'll go."

Still, he maintains that there is no leader on his current list of four. "Those schools are pretty much all together. I don't think anyone leads but those are the top schools."

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