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Darren Matsubara has himself a loaded squad laced with talent. EBO/EA Sports won a ton of ballgames last season and armed with a roster of high-DI talents, they should be one of the best in the business again this spring.

TEAM OVERVIEW – This squad has played in big settings and won big games. They've got the Lopez boys inside to stabilize things and high-caliber guards like Jasper and Willis should pose problems in up-tempo settings. This bunch expects to factor into the major championship picture.

HEAD COACH – Darren "Mats" Matsubara

LOCATION – Fresno, Calif.


  • Brook Lopez, 6-11, PF (2006)
  • Robin Lopez, 6-11, C (2006)
  • Derrick Jasper, 6-5, SG/PG (2006)
  • Tre'Von Willis, 6-3, SG/PG (2006)
  • Quincy Pondexter, 6-7, SF (2006)
  • Tyrone Shelley, 6-6, SF (2007)
  • Tyler Tucker, 6-0, PG (2007)
  • Kevin Galloway, 6-5, SG/SF (2006)
  • Joe Hardin, 6-6, SF (2006)
  • Darshawn McClellan, 6-6, SF/PF (2007)
  • Tim Shelton, 6-6, SF (2007)
  • Kenny Lawson, 6-8, PF (2006)
  • Charles Anderson, 6-5, SF (2006)
  • Demetrius Walker, 6-3, SG (2009)
  • Aaron Moore, 6-7, SF (2009)

    TOP SENIOR – Tough call because there's a bunch. Brook Lopez tops the list at No. 16 and Jasper checks in at No. 22.

    BEST UNDERCLASSMAN – Shelley gets the nod at No. 38 in's rankings but Walker, a rising 9th grader, was featured in Sports Illustrated last winter.

    SCHEDULED EVENTS (Spring)– adidas Super Showcase (April), Real Deal on the Hill (April), Pump and Run Spring Invitational (April)

    NOTE: Rosters are subject to change and were reported by team's head coaches

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