2006 Guard Prefers Two Schools

Flip on your TV set this weekend and you'll see guys like Salim Stoudamire, J.J. Redick and Taquan Dean bombing away. Last weekend it was T.J. Sorrentine doing his damage on the perimeter. The point, shooters are impacting games right now so it's appropriate we tell you about the next long range bomber.

Doneal Mack has strength. Actually, he's got a few of them but the one that seems to stand out over time is his ability to launch – and make – the deep 3-point shot. At 6-foot-5 and 175 pounds, having that weapon in his arsenal sets him apart from his peers.

Last season, Mack played at Charlotte Independence but found himself looking for a challenge. As a result, he moved back a grade, found a private school and is writing his own history as we speak.

"The private school opens up more opportunities," Mack said. "I wanted to get a little ways from home. I wanted to start somewhere else. The reclassifying helped me out getting my name out there with colleges."

He's done more than gotten his name out, Mack has blossomed into a high-major prospect. On Monday, Miami coach Frank Haith watched Mack.

"He loved me," Mack said. "They've offered me. Right now it's between [Miami] and Florida State. Both of them came to see me and both of them offered me. I like both programs. I love Leonard Hamilton and I like Coach Haith."

Florida and Charlotte in addition to Virginia Tech have shown considerable interest as well. However, it's this pair of ACC foes from the same state that has ascended above the rest of the pack. How does a kid like Mack differentiate between the two programs?

"I think it's going to be decided by which one I like when I visit the both of them," Mack said.

Mack will run with the Metro Hawks out of New York this spring and summer. At some point he'll pick a college and we'd be surprised if he played anywhere but the ACC.

"I want to play in the ACC," Mack said. "I grew up watching ACC basketball. I don't see myself anywhere else but the ACC."

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