Profile: Atlanta Celtics

One of the traditional powers in traveling team basketball, the Atlanta Celtics have a few horses in the backcourt that are ready to rock this spring!

TEAM OVERVIEW – This program set the bar high when two years ago a pair of kids were drafted in the lottery from this squad. Now, this bunch doesn't have NBA talent but players like Crittenton and Hillman are big names in their respective classes. Plus, there's a bunch of kids from high school programs that were successful this season on the roster.

HEAD COACH – Corey "Hulio" Smith

LOCATION – Atlanta, Ga.


  • Javaris Crittenton, 6-5, PG (2006)
  • Anjuan Wilderness, 6-6, SF/PF (2006)
  • LaShun Watson, 6-6, SF (2006)
  • Sharmaine Dukes, 6-2, PG (2006, 5th year)
  • Uriah Hethington, 6-9, PF (2006, 5th year)
  • Kierre Jordan, 5-11, PG (2006)
  • J.T. Tiller, 6-3, SG (2006)
  • Wesley Matthews, 6-3, SG (2006)
  • Eddie Adams, 6-7, PF (2006)
  • Jonathan Mandeldove, 7-0, C (2006, 5th year)
  • Senario Hillman, 6-2, SG/PG (2007)
  • Rashard Lewis, 6-5, PF (2006)
  • Derrick Favors, 6-7, PF (2009)
  • Noel Johnson, 6-4, SG (2009)

    TOP SENIOR – Crittenton is regarded by as a Top 50 prospect heading into the spring as he continues his transformation into a point.

    BEST UNDERCLASSMAN – Senario Hillman is the guy everyone points to as the future star in this traveling team organization.

    SCHEDULED EVENTS – Real Deal On The Hill, Kingwood Classic, adidas May Classic, adidas Super 64, Best of Summer

    NOTE: Rosters are subject to change and were reported by team's head coaches

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