Profile: Arizona Magic

Any squad that rolls out Jerryd Bayless and Christian Polk in the backcourt is going to have a chance. The Arizona Magic has one of the best backcourt duos in the West.

TEAM OVERVIEW – If the Magic can get something working on the glass with their bigs then this team should be in a lot of games. Its strength lies Bayless and Polk's ability to get the tempo going in their favor and make some shots.

HEAD COACH – Anthony Ray

LOCATION – Phoenix, Az.


  • Jerryd Bayless, 6-3, PG (2007)
  • Christian Polk, 6-3, SG (2006)
  • Zane Johnson, 6-6, SF (2007)
  • Harper Kamp, 6-8, PF (2007)
  • Will Donahue, 6-8, PF/C (2006)
  • Stephen Rogers, 6-8, SF (2006)
  • Mason Maynard, 6-9, PF/C (2006)
  • Roger Sharp,6-5, SG/SF (2006)
  • Stevie Ledesme, 5-9, PG (2006)

    TOP SENIOR – Polk has been one of the best at his position since the summer following his freshman season. He's a Top 100 caliber player and the most experienced traveling team member on the squad.

    BEST UNDERCLASSMAN – Bayless made his mark on the traveling team circuit last summer and now he's on the wishlists of major universities across the country.

    SCHEDULED EVENTS – Las Vegas Spring Showcase, Kingwood Classic, Tournament of Champions, Team Breakdown Extravaganza, Big Time

    NOTE: Rosters are subject to change and were reported by team's head coaches

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