Sooners Still Lead For Reynolds

An ankle injury derailed Scott Reynolds' train at the end of his junior season but entering the spring traveling team period he's all healed up. With a Big 12 program as a leader, Reynolds is ready to field interest from a host of programs.

A late season ankle injury in which he damaged some ligaments was about the only thing that could slow down 6-foot Herndon (Va.) High guard Scott Reynolds. Prior to the injury, Reynolds (Class of 2006) hit for 53 points in a game and passed the 40-point mark four times!

Heading into a busy spring period with Boo Williams, the guard says he's back in business.

"I'm back and almost at full strength," Reynolds said. "I'm just working out and practicing with Boo Williams. I should be back at the start of the [AAU] season." For Reynolds, the beginning of the travel season is April 8th.

Reynolds' Boo Williams squad is well, in a word, loaded. "This is a great guard team and the bigs are just athletic as anything," Reynolds said. "You couldn't ask for any better guys to run the floor with."

Reynolds will team up in the backcourt with Terrapin-bound guard Eric Hayes and he'll run the floor with the likes of Vernon Macklin and Duke Crews. He'll get more combo guard duty this spring and summer and that means more pondering of his future position.

"I have places that want me as a point guard and I have people that want me to come in and play a combo," Reynolds said. "That's a big decision for me in terms of what I want to do. Whatever happens, I'm going to make the best decision for myself."

Currently, Oklahoma, North Carolina State and Michigan are on him as a point guard. Maryland, Wake Forest and Georgetown want him to be a combo in their system. The program everyone is chasing – at least for the time being – is the Oklahoma Sooners.

"It changes all the time," Reynolds said. "My leader is OU, Oklahoma. Wake Forest and Georgetown are getting in the mix. I'm just taking my time. It's nothing that I should be stressing about."

Still, OU has been on him hard and would love to snatch up a highly touted guard ( No. 43) from ACC country. "I've been out there and I just liked everything that's going on there. I like Coach Sampson and what he's doing. They really believe in my game and when somebody believes in your game it touches you and you see that they really care and have a strong feeling about you."

Reynolds knows this is merely the recruiting calm before the summer storm of recruiters chasing him down. While he likes the Sooners now it's far from over.

"I have all my options open. Anybody that wants to come to me and talk to me, I'm going to be open with them."

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