Novak's Niche Is At The Line

Brown Deer senior Steve Novak is having a terrific closing season. He's hitting free throws at record pace and he'll be a welcomed addition to a Marquette team that is building for the future.

Novak On Fire At The Line

6-9 Brown Deer senior Steve Novak is lighting it up this year. Known for his shooting prowess, Novak is getting it done. He's hitting 47% of his field goals and get this, 95% of his charity stripe tosses.

"He's playing real well," Mike Novak, Steve's father and coach said. "He's shooting well, in fact he just missed a free throw last week which is rare." Rare is one word to use to describe a Novak miss at the line. Highly unlikely is another set of words. To date, Novak is 89-94 from the line. Prior to a miss last week, he converted 68 in a row from the line in conference play. He's averaging 22.1 points a night.

"When he was in grade school, he got into the free throw act. We had contests in town and it led into the Milwaukee County free throw championships. He won the county every year except one."

"I think he's having a good year," Mike Novak said. "He's doing an awful lot under the circumstances. We've had only two times in the past where we've had a freshman on our varsity. Right now, we have three freshmen in my top six (rotation). If I could replace three freshmen with three experienced varsity kids it would make life a whole lot easier. One of them is Steve's brother.

"Having Steve play the way he plays, it's like having another coach on the floor. He really works with the younger kids well."

Novak is bound for Marquette next season. Right now, Marquette is hot and the Novak's couldn't be happier with the choice.

"We made that choice based on the leadership they had and the potential. We are now thanking God that we made that decision."

P.S., so is Tom Crean.

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