Profile: GC Ballers

Paul Harris isn't a bad guy to build a team around. He's the No. 26 guy in the Class of 2006, but in terms of toughness, he is arguably numero uno. That's just one reason why the GC Ballers will give opponents fits.

TEAM OVERVIEW – Paul Harris doesn't really have a position. He's just a player - and a pretty good one at that. He'll be surrounded by guys like Lazar Hayward, who really improved this past year at Notre Dame Prep, and his high school teammates – Robert Garrison, Johnny Flynn and Tyrell Lynch.

CONTACT – Jeff Bishop

LOCATION – Buffalo, N.Y.


  • Paul Harris, 6-4 1/2, G (2006)
  • Lazar Hayward, 6-4 ½, SG (2006)
  • Tyrell Lynch, 6-8, PF (2006)
  • Jonathan Flynn, 6-0, PG (2007)
  • Robert Garrison, 6-0, G (prep)
  • Mike Williams, 6-3, SG (2006)
  • Demario Caesar, 6-0, SG (2006)
  • Miguel Respress, 6-7, F (2006)
  • William Robertson, 5-10, G (2008)

    TOP SENIOR – Paul Harris


    SCHEDULED EVENTS – Charlie Weber; Hoop Challenge (Ohio); May Classic (Ind.); Memorial Day (D.C.); Rumble in the Bronx; Playaz Ball; Super 64; Best of Summer

    NOTE: Rosters are subject to change and were reported by team's head coaches

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