The Latest On Keith Brumbaugh

Keith Brumbaugh had a great year. The Deland High standout averaged 31 points a game but was mysteriously left off the McDonald's team. We caught up with Brumbaugh and got the latest word on his present recruiting situation.

It wasn't supposed to go down like it did. Keith Brumbaugh, Deland (Fla.) High's 6-foot-8 senior wing player was destined to make the McDonald's game. For a player his caliber, it's considered a reward for 4 outstanding years on the circuit. Heck, he averaged 31 points a game as a senior, up 5 points from his junior scoring average.

However, back in February when the rosters were announced, Brumbaugh's name was not among the 24 players selected to participate. Brumbaugh was definitely disappointed, who wouldn't be?

"It already made me work harder," Brumbaugh said. "I don't understand why they didn't pick me. I thought I ranked within the Top 24 players.

"The Lord must have punished me for my past. I didn't get in any trouble this year and school and in class my grades are good."

For whatever reason, some pegged Brumbaugh as a guy who was tough to deal with. "Maybe a few times on the court, my attitude showed," Brumbaugh said. "I can't fight what people think I am."

"I was never no hellraiser with legal problems and no fighting in school. I was no troublemaker.

"I'm from a little town called Deland. I don't have anything to do with executive decisions. I can't explain them, I don't know. All I do is put the ball in the hoop."

With the disappointment of the Burger game snub behind him, Brumbaugh faces a series of decisions. He's a talented kid but is he good enough to play in the league right out of high school? Where will he go in the draft? Is it worth risking a few college seasons to make the leap?

"I really want to make the jump but I'm not stressing over it like I was a year ago," Brumbaugh says. Brumbaugh knows that a big time effort at the Jordan game this month could help but he's not worried about using the game as a means to a decision.

"I'll wait until after the Jordan Game [to make a decision]. I'm not using the game as a stepping stone but whatever the outcome is, we'll see."

Meanwhile, Brumbaugh scoffs at the notion that some think he's not getting recruited or isn't eligible to play college ball next season. "All that about people saying I don't have a scholarship or ineligible, college coaching are still ringing me off the hook!"

In fact, Southern Cal is coming in this Friday to see him. Florida, Florida State and South Florida the other programs that rank high on his list. Illinois has called Georgia, Arizona and Auburn too.

" I like [the state of] Florida and I don't want to leave to leave Florida. But, if I was to leave it would be USC." Brumbaugh has seen his four main college selections so official visits won't be necessary at this point.

College or the NBA, those are the options. What happens, time will tell.

"Keith feels like he was slighted for the McDonald's game," Brumbaugh's AAU coach Tom Topping said. "He's working as hard as he can to be the best player that he can be. If he gets the opportunity to play in the NBA early he'll jump on it. If not, he thinks he can go to a high-major college and do well and I agree."

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