2003 Spotlight: Patrick Ewing, Jr.

The Marietta High Blue Devils have had an exceptional season so far, riding into the playoffs with a 27-0 record. A big reason for that success has been the play of the 6-7 Patrick Ewing Jr., the son of the NBA great with the same name.

Patrick's Son Creating His Own Niche

When talking about heir season, Patrick Ewing points to the team's balanced attack. "One coach said, ‘you choose how you're going to get beat,' because if you shut down our inside game, we can beat you with our outside game. But if you try to shut down our outside game, we can pound it in and beat you on the inside." He adds, "We fully expect to win the state championship. We don't think there's a team out there that should beat us."

Ewing has been a force inside this year, averaging around 12 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 blocks a game. When discussing his individual numbers he does say that he's mainly guessing since he doesn't pay too much attention to statistics. "We just have a really talented team. We have players at every position. There isn't much pressure on one player to carry the load."

Ewing has played mainly power forward, but he adds that he feels comfortable playing small forward as well.

"My passing is the most improved aspect of my game," he says, "I'm doing a much better job of finding my teammates when they're open this year." He feels that the best thing he brings to the court is his aggressiveness, saying, "I like to excite the crowd. I'm a jumper, and I like to dunk the ball. When we're at home it really gets the crowd behind us, and sometimes when we're away and I dunk it we can get their fans behind us, and we're no longer the underdog. I like to capture the other team's fans. Plus, it's an easy way to get two points."

Ewing is the son of NBA great and current Orlando Magic center Patrick Ewing, and he does admit that there is some pressure to look hard at Georgetown, his father's alma mater. "I think my dad really wants me to go to Georgetown, but he won't say it. But I know it would make him really happy."

Although he says, "I grew up with Georgetown," Ewing Jr. is not ruling out other schools, saying that he likes both Florida and Duke. "The thing about those schools, is that they always seem to be competitive," he said when describing them. Ewing plans to make unofficial visits to both Florida and Duke when the season ends, and there will be more visits next year.

This summer, Ewing will be showcasing his talents with the Georgia Stars and also at the Nike All American Camp. He has not yet taken the SAT, but plans to later this year.

Although he will not name a favorite college, he does say that he would like to be on the East coast, and would like to be somewhere "where it won't get cold all the time." He doesn't shy away from saying what he's looking for in a program either, saying, "I like to run and push the ball up the floor. I want to make the other team get back on defense and have to guard us." With his high flying and athletic game, Ewing will certainly be receiving lots of attention in the coming year.

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