2007 Intro: Darquavis Tucker

Darquavis Tucker has been compared to another guy in the state of Michigan, but unlike Jason Richardson, Tucker wants to leave the state for college.

It was only a matter for time that the comparisons began for Darquavis Tucker. The 360 dunks brought back visions of another Saginaw Arthur Hill (Mich.) product – current Golden State Warrior Jason Richardson.

The 6-foot-4, 180-pound Tucker may not be quite as athletic as the guy who he was watching when he was just a youngster, but he's pretty close.

The 15-year-old Tucker wasn't supposed to put up gaudy numbers like 28 points and 14 rebounds per game – at least not in his sophomore year in high school. However, that's exactly what he did last season.

Tucker still needs to work on his outside shot, but he's an explosive player who had his share of highlights this past weekend at the Real Deal on the Hill. He uses a quick first step to get past defenders and then has the strength to finish.

In all fairness, Tucker plays in the paint in high school and only averages about a trio of perimeter shots per game.

While Richardson remained in the state and starred at Michigan State, Tucker would prefer to leave the state for college.

``I want to get out," Tucker said. ``Somewhere where it's hot all the time. I also want to go somewhere I can get some minutes as a freshman."

Tucker is also a standout wide receiver/defensive back, but he said that basketball is his priority down the line. Georgia Tech and Michigan State have expressed interest in both sports while Michigan, Syracuse, Duke and North Carolina are on his list for hoops.

Tucker said that if there is a current leader, it's probably the Orangemen.

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