6-10 Canadian Center Jamie Vanderbeken

<b>Jamie Vanderbeken</b>, a 6-10 junior center from Ontario, could be the next "big" thing in Canada, with schools in the Big Ten, Pac-10 and Big East showing some early interest...

Jamie Vanderbeken, a 6-10 junior center from Belleville (Ontario, Canada) Quinte, looked good in the Pump N' Run Spring Tournament in Las Vegas this last weekend.

Vanderbeken is a fairly athletic big man with good skills and a good feel underneath the basket, with a nice touch. There just aren't many 6-10 kids with his size and agility, and still being a skinny 225 pounds makes Vanderbeken intriguing.

He averaged 25 points and 12 rebounds a game last season as a junior.

He is returning for what is a fifth year of high school. With Ontario high schools phasing out their traditional fifth year, Vanderbeken will finish up in the traditional way since he's young for his class, and it gives him the opportunity to get recruited at a high level for 2006.

When asked what schools had offered him a scholarship, Vanderbeken said, "Central Michigan and Niagara right now."

He then said he had also heard from Illinois, Purdue, UCLA, USC, Syracuse and Butler.

"I'm looking to play at a high level," Vanderbeken said. "A school with good academics, one that has a good basketball program, a good atmosphere and a good location."

When asked if he had any problem going away to college, he said, "I really can't. Just about any school I'm going to go to is going to be ‘away.'"

When asked if he had ever been to California, Vanderbeken said no. "But I'd love to go. I wouldn't mind going to college in California. California is always good."

Well, why? "Because it's always sunny there. And TV says it's a great place and TV doesn't lie, right?"

Academically, he said he has a grade point average of 75, which he pointed out is the Canadian equivalent of a 3.5. He's also taken the SAT and scored an 820. "I want to take it again, though," he said.

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