2004 Spotlight: Khaliq Gant

They just don't show enough sweet jumpers on Sportscenter these days. Dunks are cool, but c'mon, a smooth stroke is a thing of beauty. Tabor Academy sophomore Khaliq Gant has a sweet stroke.

Next Year His Role Will Increase

Khaliq Gant isn't your average high school sophomore. He left the comfort of his home outside Atlanta for the cold of Marion, Mass., at Tabor Academy. "Gant, a fine student, didn't need prep school for academic reasons. However, the school is pushing him in the classroom and on the court.

"It's difficult without my parents and being up here everyday is routine but I like it," Gant said. "Everything is structured. I go to breakfast, I go to class, I go to practice and I go to bed. It's a good opportunity. There are a lot of opportunities with college and education wise."

Speaking of opportunity, Gant will have an even bigger one next season. This year he's averaging 14 points, but that's with all-american Torin Francis in the lineup. Next year, Francis is gone and Gant's scoring chances will increase.

Gant is going to attend the Junior Nike Camp this year. He'll lace them up with the Georgia Stars and will play for Norman Parker's 17s and 16s in selected events.

Schools can't really pay sophomores that much attention, at least not in the form of mailers, but Gant hears the whispers. He's already attended a Duke game this year and depending on his AAU schedule, might try and catch a few more college campuses this summer.

It's never to early to talk about prospects and Khaliq Gant is one of the better pure shooters we saw in high school action this year.

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