UConn Adds Spring Big Man

Hilton Armstrong is headed to UConn. Haven't heard about him? Well, there's good reason for that. It looks like UConn has added another spring big man if Jim Calhoun would probably be tickled if he works out as well as Emeka Okafor.

Huskies Dip Into Spring Well

Last year, the Huskies added Emeka Okafor in the spring. Not a bad signee, right? Well, they are at it again this spring. Peekskill High's Hilton Armstrong, a6-10, 210 pounder is headed north.

"He's hasn't scratched the surface of how good he can be," coach Lou Panzanaro said. "He turned 17 Nov. 23. He's entering his second year of real basketball. He started thinking about the game last year. He started taking it seriously last summer and when he came in last November, he was just ready. He is a better basketball player every single day he goes on the floor. Last year, people said we probably weren't better when he was on the floor."

This year, Armstrong is averaging 15 points, 12 rebounds and 7 blocks. "I couldn't get him into ABCD," Panzanaro said. "He was hurt at Five-Star and had a couple of good moments with the AAU team but nobody was going to pay attention to a guy standing outside shooting jumpers." Now, he's not shooting jumpers, but getting it done in the paint and that makes for a promising spring big man acquisition.

Niagara, Siena and South Florida tried to get him signed early. So did LaSalle but he canceled September trips after the World Trade Center incident and decided he wanted to stay closer to home. Texas A&M and South Florida had trips planned for him. Rutgers, Illinois, North Carolina and Boston College followed him this winter.

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