Nickson Emerging As Legit Target

Curtis Nickson, a member of the Class of 2006 out of Eutaw (Ala.) Greene County, isn't a name that rolls of the tongue of recruiting junkies. However, the Birmingham Raptors center has a ton of admirers from around the country.

Curtis Nickson can't answer the question as to why he's not a household name. From his perspective, he's been playing well since the beginning of the season. "Basically I've been doing that all year," Nickson said. "We won the state tournament this year."

The 6-foot-9, 245 pounder did some nice things while playing for the Birmingham Raptors at the Real Deal on the Hill this month. He's a strong bodied guy who can put it away inside and schools are taking notice.

This week, Nickson said Oklahoma State stopped by to see him and Alabama, UAB, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt and Auburn have been in as well.

"I've got a whole list and I've got contact from a whole lot of schools but those are the ones that have been down there so far," Nickson said.

While schools are showing their love by stopping by and chatting, Nickson says he's not sure about who really wants him. "On paper I've got a lot of talk but I've got nothing in black and white," Nickson quipped.

In addition to the aforementioned schools, he's heard shout outs from LSU, Tulane, Ole Miss, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Miami and a host of mid-major programs.

Nickson is taking it all in. The Cowboys asked him to visit and he said he'd consider it but just when he does, well, he's just not sure.

"I'm going to take [visits] but I don't know if I'll go before this school year ends of this fall. I could take it before May 23rd."

At this point, don't even think about asking him for a favorite, he's merely getting to know everybody. "Out of all those I don't really have a favorite. I like college basketball, period."

One of the things that will sway him one way or another will be the feel of the campus. Can he feel at home there? What's the atmosphere like?

As we continue to learn about this gentle giant, you see a big guy who can be tough and at the same time easy going. He's a fun to sit down with and get to know.

"I play a game similar to Tim Duncan with a little Antoine Walker. I can get fundamental, I can bang inside and I'm known to crack the boards and play physical. They call me a beast in Alabama because of a statement I made in the newspaper. They asked me how I take all the abuse in the paint and I said ‘it's like a jungle and you have to be a beast to come out of there.'

Well, Nickson's coming out and he's looking good in the process.

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