Echefu Makes Big Announcement

Uche Echefu's recruiting saga is complete. On Monday afternoon, Echefu ended his recruitment and opted for the Florida State Seminoles.

In the end, Uche Echefu, a native of Nigeria, picked the program he felt most comfortable with. In the end, that program was Florida State.

Echefu went back and forth with his decision over the weekend before finalizing his choice on Monday. "I was just sitting there [last weekend] thinking about it," Echefu said. "There's no doubt they're both good schools but there's just little things that made my decision."

One of those "little things" had to be the long lasting relationship he formed with Leonard Hamilton and Stan Jones, the pair of FSU coaches instrumental in Echefu's decision to narrow his list from Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, FSU and North Carolina before finally opting for the Seminoles over the Tar Heels.

"It wasn't so much the coaching staff as it was the relationship over a 3-year period," Montrose coach Stu Vetter said. "They were recruiting some of our other players at the time and they built a relationship that was instrumental in his decision."

"North Carolina is a big school," Echefu said. "I was more comfortable with Florida State."

Echefu, ranked the No. 37 prospect in America, averaged 21.2 points and 9 boards a game for Montrose Christian. He boasts a 3.4 GPA and made 60% of his field goals as a senior.

Echefu is intent on maxing out as both a student and an athlete and felt Hamilton could help with both. "He's a good coach. No matter where you go, you can work hard and get better."

Next season is already on Echefu's mind. "Next year we're going to be good. We've got so many young kids who are athlete and can play ball."

Now the Seminoles have another athletic young kid who can play ball to add to the mix and it marks the second straight season Hamilton has outlasted a college basketball powerhouse to nab a recruit. This year FSU beat UNC and a host of others for Echefu and last season they sweated one out against Kentucky to land Jason Rich."

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