2006 Focus: Johnnie Lett

Johnnie Lett led the ABCD Camp in rebounding last summer - and he put up 16 points and 15 boards per game as a junior at B.C. Rain. However, it wasn't easy as off-court distractions tested him throughout the year.

Johnnie Lett's season was eventful to say the least.

The 6-foot-8, 215-pound B.C. Rain High (Ala.) rising senior power forward watched as his coach, Marion Dunn, was suspended in November and fired after ordering the players on the team to use violence as a way of discipline.

The team finished the season 16-12 and Lett averaged 16 points and 15 rebounds per game, but it was far from smooth.

``It was pretty difficult, but I tried not to let it get to me and let it affect my play too much," Lett said.

Lett, 18, wasn't in favor of what Dunn did, but believe it or not, he is in favor of Dunn returning.

``I wanted him to come back," Lett said. "As a teacher, not as a coach. I know it was wrong and I told him that at the time, but he told me that they did it in college."

Lett, who played at the Kingwood Classic in April will the Explosion Basketball Club, has switched teams and will suit up with Gary Graham's Smyrna Stars.

Lett led the ABCD Camp in rebounding last July and that, along with a strong high school campaign despite the off-court distractions, led to an Alabama scholarship offer.

``They're the only ones to have offered so far, but I need to sit down and look at the whole process," Lett said. "See where I stand and whether I can come in and be a factor because I don't want to go and sit on the bench."

In addition to the Crimson Tide, Lett said that Miami, UAB and Georgia are also showing interest.

Lett is playing at the Tournament of Champions on Memorial Day weekend and then he'll go to the NBA Camp and make a return engagement to the ABCD Camp.

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