Carlwell Names A Leader

There is no question that Brian Carlwell is on of the spring's biggest risers. After earning a spot in the Top 50, Carlwell feels like one team has done enough to earn the right to lead for his services.

Last weekend, sophomore guard Eric Gordon rattled Illinois as his leader. This week junior center Brian Carlwell echoed the same sentiments in regard to the Illini.

Carlwell told Thursday night that Illinois topped a current list that also includes Florida State and Michigan State.

"I'd probably have to say Illinois [leads]," Carlwell said. "I've grown up watching them and they're always a good team to play with. I've always had a thing for Illinois. Me and Tracy Webster, we have a good relationship."

Carlwell, who runs with Ferrari out of Chicago, said that while he'd like to take some official visits, he simply can't find the time.

"They are trying to get me to take official visits but my schedule has been jam packed so I really haven't had any time to take them," Carlwell said.

Regardless, Carlwell probably won't have his recruitment dragging into the high school season. "I'm trying to get it done before maybe school starts up again but I don't want to rush anything."

Dee Brown, a former Proviso East star, cast his lot with the Illini and that can't hurt. "It's the home school. I like the coaches a lot. The fact that a player from Proviso East is there doing well, that's what I like about Illinois."

The coach at Michigan State is a draw for the Spartans. "I've always liked Michigan State as a school," Carlwell said. "I really like Tom Izzo; he's a real good guy."

Florida State would have to work to get him out of the Midwest, but there's a budding relationship with Leonard Hamilton in the works. "I just like their head coach a lot. He's a great person to be around. He's probably the easiest coach I talk to and the most comfortable to be around."

Who knows what's on the horizon for Carlwell. Having surprised himself to a degree with his play this spring, the sky could be the limit. "I knew that I would make some improvements but I'm probably my biggest critic. People tell me I have so much potential, I want to be able to do some things. I tell people that I don't see that much improvement but you are all the experts."

For what it's worth, the "experts" at tabbed him as the No. 37 prospect in 2006.

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