Iguodala Likely To Seek Release

Arkansas head coach Nolan Richardson was a significant factor in Andre Iguodala's decision to attend school in Fayetteville. Now that the veteran coach is gone, Iguodala will take a look around at some other schools that are familiar to him.

Arizona, BC and Kansas Were The Finalists Before

Andre Iguodala's fall decision to attend Arkansas and sign with them was a big score for the Hogs. On Friday night, Iguodala had 29 points and 10 rebounds in a playoff game. On Saturday, he spoke to TheInsidersHoops.com about his future.

"What I'll probably do is think about transferring," Iguodala said. He hasn't talked to Arkansas, but a member of his family did. "My step dad talked to (Arkansas) last night or this morning and he's trying to get them to release me."

Iguodala's finalists were Arkansas, Arizona, Boston College and Kansas. Each school would still have room for him in their recruiting class and still be in compliance with the "5/8" rule and 13 scholarship limit. However, someone might have the inside track based on a phone call.

"The day after I committed to Arkansas, Arizona called and told me good luck and if I ever had any change of plans they would always be there for me. I kind of appreciated that."

Iguodala said that it was unlikely he would look around at other schools. "Unless it's like Duke or something." Of course, the Blue Devils don't have room left in the class for him.

Iguodala will play in the Jordan Brand Capital Classic.

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