2003 Spotlight: Reyshawn Terry

Winston-Salem Reynolds is seeking yet another state championship. On Jan. 21, their state title hopes were bolstered when they received a transfer student named Reyshawn Terry. The 6-8 Terry is one of the best juniors in the state of North Carolina.

Success Follows Terry From Glenn To Reynolds

In January, Reyshawn Terry arrived at Winston-Salem Reynolds. He transferred in from nearby Glenn High School. On Jan. 25, he played his first game for the Demons. He scored 15 points in a win over rival West Forsyth.

"It's a better opportunity for me," Terry said after a recent game against Riverside. Well, not only is it a better opportunity for Terry but its done wonders for Reynolds' playoff chances as well.

Prior to Terry's arrival, Radford-bound guard Whit Holcomb-Faye was the Demons primary scoring option. Holcomb-Faye is winding down his career and he's the kind of player who needs his touches, he's comfortable that way. Adding Terry into the mix this late in the season could have created tension but instead Holcomb-Faye seems willing to share the ball and Terry isn't the kind who needs to dominate the basketball to be successful, case in point, Saturday night.

Terry scored 10 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in a playoff win over Riverside. He took 13 shots, none of them forced and many coming as a result of his 6 offensive rebounds. He grabbed 3 rebounds off of free throw line misses by teammates.

The 6-8, 190 pounder is agile and athletic. He's as long as he is tall. He rebounds because he's willing and because he can. He didn't make 3s in this one, but we've seen him make them before and he has that range. His long frame and arms will contribute to him being a terrific defender who'll generate a lot of steals.

Terry can be acrobatic like when he hit a smooth, high-arching runner from the wing late in the fourth quarter of Saturday's win. The bottom line is the kid is pretty good and college programs are starting to take notice.

Off the top of his head, Terry rattled off a list of Clemson, NC State, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, South Carolina and UConn. On Saturday, North Carolina head coach Matt Doherty was on hand watching Terry play and it wasn't the first time he's seen the junior this year.

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