2007 Intro: Cory Fisher

Dana Dingle has a good handle on who's going to be the next in the line of New York City point guards. The ex-UMass player feels his guy, Corey Fisher, will be that guy.

Dana Dingle played on the UMass team that nearly ran the table back in 1996, so he knows talent.

``It's clear that Corey is the best point guard in the city, regardless of class," Dingle says.

Dingle is referring to St. Patrick's 6-foot, 180-pound rising junior Corey Fisher, who averaged 11.3 points and 6.2 assists per game last season as a sophomore.

``He's got a great understanding of the game and has a whole bag of junk to break guys down," added Dingle, who coaches Fisher on the L.I. Lightning. "Corey can finish with both hands and also has the ability to make everyone else better. He is able to score in a variety of ways."

No disrespect to guys like Louisville-bound floor leader Edgar Sosa, but Dingle maintains that Fisher has no peer in New York City.

Fisher grew up in the Bronx and nearly went to St. Raymond's, but his mother, Kisha, wanted him to get away from the distractions so he wound up enrolling at St. Pat's and playing for Kevin Boyle.

``It's not easy being a point guard coming out of the city, but I keep my composure and just try and play my game," Fisher said.

While Fisher can put points up in a hurry and is also able to create easy buckets for his teammates, he'll still need to work on the consistency on his outside shot – and also try and improve his quickness.

``He's not fast, but he's got quick moves," Dingle said. "He'll need to become a better on-the-ball defender against small point guards."

``I think he'll be in that line of great New York City point guard," he added. "Because of his ability to score the ball. He does it almost effortlessly."

Fisher said he's not all that far away from making a commitment. He listed St. John's, N.C. State, Rutgers, Memphis and UConn.

``I'm close to making a decision," Fisher said. "Probably at the end of the summer. I want to go somewhere that fits my game – somewhere I can run and gun."

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