AAU Spotlight: Michigan Hurricanes

Chris Grier has another loaded traveling team this year. The Michigan Hurricanes have talent at every position. In this feature, we'll look at the Hurricanes current roster and find out whom Grier lists as the all-time starting five for the Hurricanes.

Hurricanes Set To Unleash Storm … Again

If you follow AAU basketball religiously, you know that when it comes down to major tournament championships, the Michigan Hurricanes (once known as the Mustangs) are always in the mix. 2002 should be no different, just look at Chris Grier's staring five.

In the backcourt, the Hurricanes are deep and talented. Brandon Jenkins is tabbed to be the starting point guard. He's hearing from schools like Missouri, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Pittsburgh and Providence. His running mate will be shooting guard Dion Harris, another real big-timer.

Olu Famutimi and Byron Davis will play the forward positions and the anchor inside will be big man Walter Waters. If that's not enough fire power (and we think it's plenty), Grier will bring Dewayne Green and Drew Nietzel off the bench as reinforcements.

Again, Grier has his team slated to play in some of the most competitive tournaments around like the Houston Superstars event, adidas Big Time, Bob Gibbons, Motown JamFest, Show-Me Shootout, Cleveland HoopFest and adidas Three Stripes.

However, Grier's first official event will be to take his team to watch the Pistons plays the Warriors March 29 to see Hurricanes alum Jason Richardson in action.

"If I could win one tournament, I would want to repeat Bob Gibbons," Grier said.

2002 Michigan Hurricanes

  • Dion Harris, 2003
  • Brandon Jenkins, 2003
  • Walter Waters, 2003
  • Dewayne Green, 2003
  • Byron Davis, 2003
  • Scott Richardson, 2003
  • Isaac Knight, 2004
  • Drew Neitzel, 2004
  • Rayshawn Marshall, 2004
  • Tate Burgess, 2003
  • Stanes Buford, 2003 (reclassified)

Grier's been at this a while with the Hurricanes and he's had his share of talent in the program so we asked Grier to name his all-time starting five. Here's what he came up with.

Michigan Hurricanes All-Time Starting Five

Al Goldis     NBA   OhioState

Left to Right (Jason Richardson, DeeAndre Hulett, Brent Darby)

AlGoldis     AnthonyRoberson

Left To Right (Kelvin Torbert, Anthony Roberson)

Off the bench: Robert Whaley

Photos: Richardson (AP, Al Goldis), Hulett (AP, Patrick Cullard), Darby (AP, Paul Warner), Torbert (AP, Al Goldis)

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