2003 Spotlight: Art Bowers

Dan Hurley's first season at St. Benedict's culminated in a state prep championship. One of the keys to the success was junior winger Artie Bowers. The former Delaware high school standout averaged 16 points for Hurley this season.

Bowers Drawing All Kinds of Interest

6-4 shooting guard Art Bowers transferred to St. Benedicts from Hodgson Vo-Tech this year and by all accounts his game improved. "For him," Dan Hurley said, "he was a one man gang at Hodgson Vo-Tech. He had to transform his game and that'll help him at the college level. Now, he's used to playing with talented teammates and he's learned more about feeding the post."

Bowers was the team's leading scorer at 16 a game. Four St. Benedict's kids scored in double figures so 16 a game is pretty impressive.

Maryland, Wake Forest, Seton Hall, Villanova, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, West Virginia, Providence and St. John's made special trips to watch him play and most of the Big East is recruiting him. He'll play with Jimmy Salmon and the Tim Thomas Playaz this year.

"He's got a great mid-game and terrific pull-up," Hurley said. "He's a very good athlete; he just scores points. During AAU, I imagine that his game sets up very well for July."

That it does.

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