Crittenton Stays Home

SUWANEE, Ga. -- Paul Hewitt pursued Jarrett Jack with tremendous intensity a few years back. Now, the Georgia Tech coach has landed Jack's successor.

Javaris Crittenton knew the time had come. The 6-foot-4 point guard out of Atlanta (Ga.) Southwest Atlanta Christian, had heard enough.

"I had been tossing and turning in my sleep," Crittenton said. "This recruiting stuff is funny. Some guys get stressed, some are cool. I'm tossing and turning and then I felt ready [to commit] but there were some negatives to staying home."

Apparently, not enough negatives to say no to Georgia Tech after listening to solid pitches from Wake Forest and Florida.

Crittenton had been concerned with staying home in a city that he grew up in and there was a sense of wanting to get out. However, he's confident that Paul Hewitt is on his side and will watch out for him. It was believing Hewitt had his best interests at heart that set his mind at ease.

"Playing for someone who has been after you for so long, you just feel like you can trust him," Crittenton said of Hewitt. "He'll live by my mistakes as a freshman. It's the ACC, you're going to make some mistakes but he'll help me grow."

Crittenton has done his share of growing as a player this past year. Now ranked No. 20 by, he's elevated his game from shooting guard to legitimate point man and while he's still learning the finer points of the lead guard position, he's wining over admirers. Recently, Crittenton lost a key member of his inner circle and he's been playing with a heavy heart the last three weeks.

Wallace Prather, his mentor, passed away in mid-June. "That was my man," Crittenton said. "He pushed me since I was 9 years old."

On Wednesday, Crittenton entrusted Hewitt (one of Prather's good friends) with the task of continuing his development.

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