Nike Camp: Jerome Dyson

INDIANAPOLIS – Everybody's got a story and Jerome Dyson's is one of priorities. The 6-foot-3 Proctor Academy student-athlete put academics first this spring as he ventured abroad.

Most kids wouldn't have the conviction to make it happen. Jerome Dyson did it and guess what? He survived.

Instead of running around the country this spring with a traveling team, he ran around another country with a bunch of kids who wanted to experience Spain first hand. Dyson, a Top 100 senior, spent his spring semester aboard, for the most part, without basketball.

"I bought a basketball when I got there," Dyson confessed. But, the focus of his trip was books not ball. While he was overseas, kids were popping left and right, possibly even taking scholarship opportunities from him. Still, Dyson wouldn't have done anything different.

"I kind of figured [kids would commit]," Dyson said. "That was one of the positives and negatives of going over there."

Now, Dyson is at the Nike Camp. On Thursday he was drilling 3-pointers, playing catchup with his peers. "I need to get into the gym some more. I'm still a little out of shape."

Dyson counts scholarship offers from Connecticut, Providence and George Mason. Maryland, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Miami and Boston College are checking him out. Surely this must be a big week for him?

"This [camp] is real important," Dyson said. "I need to come out and play well since people committed. I've dropped a few spots in the rankings since I've been gone."

Give the young man credit. He puts books before ball and is trying to use the all-important month of July to chase down his peers on the court.

He's already a semester ahead of them in the classroom.

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