Albert Schweitzer Games Roster

The 2002 roster for the Albert Schweitzer Games has been released. The United States team will begin competition in Manheim, Germany, March 25. Here's a look at the roster.

Reynolds Highlights Roster

Every year, a team of high school kids from the United States traverses the Atlantic to play in the Albert Schweitzer games. The team plays against other countries in Manheim, Germany. The Americans will arrive in Germany on March 25 and will have five days of preparation before kicking off the tournament against Russia.

"We plan on going twice a day to get ready," assistant coach Kevin Nunley said. "We feel like we have a fine group of players and people representing our country in this international event."

U.S. Schweitzer Roster:

Travis Wesley
JR Reynolds
Davis Cantor
Ramon Sessions
Joshua Washington
Alex Spotts
Thomas Whinnett
Elijah Clarke
Brandon Bowman
Ekene Ibekwe
Kevin Pittsnogle
Dane Bradshaw

Head Coach: Dick McCann

Assistant Coaches: Kevin Nunley, John Rhodes

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