Assistant Survey: The Final Results

DURHAM, N.C. – For the second straight year, has asked college assistants from around the nation for their input in a survey. This year's survey hands out awards ranging from assistant coach of the year to the best recruiting assistants in the country.

2002 Assistant Coach Survey Results

Florida's John Pelphrey stole the show in a recent survey of assistant coaches. Pelphrey was named the "Most Ready To Be A Head Coach," "Top Recruiting Assistant" and "Hardest Working Assistant."

Pelphrey, for those of you who might recall, did very well in last year's survey. Therefore, it should come as no shock that Pelphrey is one of the hottest assistant coaches in the country and is up for numerous positions this season.

You'll find that many of the coaches mentioned in this survey will begin popping up as candidates for head coaching vacancies around the nation.

Conducting the survey was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the articles!

Best wishes, DT

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