Washington 4A Standouts

Seniors step up, and underclassmen show their talent in the Washington state 4A championships...

Class of 2002

6' 6" SG/SF Justin Holt (Lincoln/Oregon State). Tournament MVP averaged 20.8ppg (fifth among leaders) and 10.8rpg (third among leaders) as his team repeated as state champions. Led field in steals with 13. Shot 58.2% from the field and 60% from three-point range. Scored just 5 in the championship as Ferris denied him the ball and defended him well. He only took four shots, hitting two. But he did other things, had 10 boards and a pair of blocked shots and steals. Justin also took a nasty fall and we suspect he was hurting worse than he showed an elected not to shoot. The way Lincoln's guards were playing, he didn't need to. He put 26 points and 11 boards on Garfield. That's 32 and 18 Michael Miller points and boards (tongue heavily in cheek).

6' 9" SF/PF Sean Mallon (Ferris/Gonzaga). First-team All-Tournament, he held the top spot in productivity with a 119. Finished fourth in scoring (22.3ppg), eight in rebounding (8.25rpg), fifth in assists (4.25apg) and was the leading shot blocker with 15 in four games. Sean showed his versatility countless times. In the semifinals he tipped a rebound to himself and went the length of the court, finishing with a nice finger roll. On back-to-back trips down the floor he scored off a left-right-left move then came back with a right-left-right. Gonzaga Coach Bill Grier was in the house and no doubt pleased with another quality "big" he'll be working with. Shot 67% from the field, 57% from outside the arc and 82% from the line. He's pretty good (understating the obvious).

6' 6" SF/SG Brandon Roy (Garfield/Washington). Brandon led the tournament in scoring (25.5ppg) and ended his career with a 38-point explosion, his career best, in the medal round. Brandon ranked second in productivity at 113 and shot 53.4% from the field, 35% from outside and 81% from the line. He also averaged 8.75 rebounds with 3.0 assists. At times it seemed Brandon could pretty much score whenever he wanted to. He and Holt had a great battle in the quarterfinals when he had 18 points and 9 boards.

6' 3" SG Marcelus Kemp (Garfield/Nevada). Went down in the first half of his opening-round game with a broken ankle.

6' 5" SF/SG Brett Weisner (Shadle Park/Eastern Washington). Averaged 18.5ppg with 5.5rpg as his team went 3-1 and picked up fifth place. They won three in a row after getting spanked by Garfield on opening day. Saved his best for last, scoring 27 in trophy-round game. Struggled a little from the field but he got to the line a bunch and hit 90.5% of his free throws.

5' 11" PG Danny Pariseau (Shadle Park/Eastern Washington). Was seventh in productivity, averaged 17.8ppg, 5.5rpg, 3.5 assists and hit 95% from the line. Ranked second in steals with 2.5 per game and blocked 1 shot per game. Not too shabby for a 5' 11" skinny kid. Danny panned that he's been hanging on the monkey bars a lot to try and stretch himself two more inches. As usual he was a crowd favorite for his competitive fire. If you don't like Danny's game, you don't know basketball. Like they say, it's not the size of the dog in the fight..

6' 6" SF Marcus Steele (Stanwood/Seattle U.). Ranked sixth in productivity while averaging 18ppg with 8.5 rpg. Got to the foul line more than anyone in the tournament. His best effort came against Battle Ground with a front line of 6' 8", 6" 7" and 6' 6". They all sat down early as Marcus kept taking it to the rack and they kept fouling him. He had 30 points and 15 boards in this one and was 14-of-16 from the line. The other three guys combined for 16 and 11 with 15 fouls. Oh yeah, Marcus' team won by 14.

6' 1" PG Tony Binetti (Enumclaw/Seattle Pacific). Like Pariseau, people love the way Tony competes. Averaged 13.8ppr with 2.75 assists as his team took third place.

6' 4" SG/SF Anthony Grant (Franklin/Unsigned). Earned first-team All-Tournament honors while averaging 24.0ppg and 5 boards. Ranked third in steals with 2.33 per game. His best game was 29 against Snohomish. He hit 12-of-23 from the field, 4-of-4 from the line in that one. Anthony has been getting looks from WCC, Big Sky and D-2 schools with Portland and Eastern Washington mentioned. He is qualified and wrote an 1100 SAT. Anthony's biggest improvements have been in his confidence and leadership. He's a quiet guy but has blossomed this year. He's got plenty of upside.

5' 11" PG Robert Crawford (Lincoln/Unsigned). He really stepped up during the tournament. Robert averaged 9.9ppg during the season but put up 12.8ppg during state, with 18 in the championship game. In the championship game he was 5-of-8 from the field, hit both of his trey attempts and was 6-of-8 from the line in playing all 32 minutes. What was most impressive was when he scored. His first trey beat the buzzer at the half. His next one came when Ferris was making a run and had cut the lead late. His free throws were in crunch time. Shot 57.1 from outside the arc during the four games and dished out 3.5 assist per game. His defensive work on Appleby in the semifinals was impressive. Nobody played more minutes in the tournament; he sat down just 3:00 in four days. He is a warrior with excellent speed and a fierce competitiveness who has gone unnoticed. NOTICE!!!!!

6' 7" PF/C Nick Moore (Bethel/Unsigned). Ranked 10th in productivity averaging a double-double with 13.7ppg and 10.0 rpg. Blocked 14 shots in three games and shot 81% from the foul line. Grades are an issue; he'll be going to JC.

5' 11" PG Ryan Sommer (Snohomish/Unsigned). Unheralded guard averaged 14ppg with 4.74 assists and 2.25 steals per game. Another small guard who competes hard.

6' 2" PG Marcus Clift (Ferris/Unsigned). Averaged 9.5ppg while shooting 53.8% from the field. 2.25 apg and 2 steals per game. Marcus averaged 10.1ppg and 4 assists during the regular season. He's been offered by service academies due to his academic strength but doesn't want to go that way.

Class of 2003

6' 3" PG Ryan Appleby (Stanwood). Averaged 15.3ppg with 5.5 assists per contest in four games. Like Crawford, Ryan sat only 3:00 in four days. As usual he wowed the crowd with his passing and quickness in getting his shot off. His pull-up jumper from long range is money. Ryan has not thought about recruiting, his father has been putting the letters away until the end of the season. He'll be doing plenty of reading this week but still plans on hitting the gym at 6:00 every morning for his pre-school workout. He'll be playing with Emerald City Pioneers again this year during the spring and summer.

6' PG Aaron Brooks (Franklin). Aaron averaged 13ppg with 2.67 assists and 1.67 steals during three games. He did not foul out of a game during the regular season and playoffs but took an early seat in each of his three games at state. He wasn't the only guy who suffered from the officials being directed to call it close, especially in the first two rounds. If the officials wanted to work Friday and Saturday, they had to call it tight early. Some guys really took that to heart. Aaron was a casualty of that policy and in his defense, most of his fouls were on plays that would not have been whistled in his previous 23 games. He played as tough defensively as anyone in the tournament. Aaron has been shooting the ball well from outside. His trademark is a running one-handed jumper that he arcs really high. But his coach has given him orders; two three-point shots in every quarter. What I love about Aaron is that he doesn't know he's good. Talk about a kid who has his ego in check. I have also had refs from his league tell me he is the best kid they have seen in accepting what is called, never complaining about a call. Aaron just keeps playing and doesn't dwell on what he cannot control. He too has not gotten caught up in the recruiting thing, choosing to focus on the season before worrying about what the future holds.

6' 5" SG/SF Adam Morrison (Mead). Adam fouled out of his first-round game on five offensive fouls. He was repeatedly called for pushing off to get his shot. Three of the five were what I thought were ticky-tacky. He too suffered from the closely called thing and it was evident that his technique had been just fine during the regular season. He averaged 24.5ppg and had me wide-eyed on opening day when he hit his first three shots and four of his first five. Every one of them was from the right side and I was starting to wonder if he only played on the right side. He showed that that was not the case as he shot and hit from every conceivable spot on the floor. His shot is text book. Oh, he was 92.5% from the line. I ended up doing some video taping and was sitting next to his dad I found out. He was a college coach and he informed me that Adam is a Type-1 diabetic who has an insulin pump and comes out in the final minute of each quarter to check his blood sugar and give himself a shot if the need arises. He has the drill, to prick his finger, check his blood and administer a shot, down to 40 seconds. His resemblance to Kevin McHale with those wing-like shoulders could not be ignored. His game is similar as well. He'll be playing with an Eastern Washington Elite team this summer that is sounding very impressive.

6' 7" PF Nate Sanchez (Federal Way). Nate was an animal, averaging 17.7ppg with 10.3 rebounds. He ranked eighth in productivity. He is unsure of his summer plans as he has been asked by several teams to try out but has put that off until the end of the season. "I just want to concentrate on the season and once it is over I'll think about the summer," he told me. He's added some bulk without losing any quickness. Nate has a very solid post game and has developed a nice face-to-the-basket game to compliment it.

6' 6" PF Adam Seaburg (Ferris). We thought he might be Ferris' "thug." I don't mean that in a negative way but everybody needs a guy to do the dirty work and Seaburg certainly has the body to bang on people and can be a nasty guy on the court. That does not imply that he is a dirty player, but a tough guy who does not back down. Adam scored 11.5ppg, shot 54.3% from the floor and 88.9% from the line. He also had 5.5 rebounds per game. Hey, he has to outboard Mallon all the time, what can I say? He's a tough kid with a ton of upside.

6' 1" PG/SG Bryan Williams (Mead). Bryan is a gritty point guard who averaged a tournament-leading 6.5 assists with 4.5 rebounds and 10.0ppg. He's worth a look.

Class of 2004:

6' 8" F/C Jake Beitinger (South Kitsap). It's official, Jake is a stud. He earned first-team All-Tournament honors as he ranked third in productivity behind only Mallon and Roy. He averaged 20 points (sixth overall) and a tournament-leading 13.3 rebounds per game. South Kitsap got their first trophy at state in 52 years. Jake shot 61.2% from the field. He also blocked seven shots in four games. He was impressive with his fundamental post play. He'll likely be the top recruit in his class. Jake did not do the summer thing last year. He'll be with ECP this year I hear. He's a 3.8 student who averaged 15 points and 10 boards this year. He has been a started since day-1 of his freshman year. Gonzaga loves him. He was at their camp last summer and played with their guys in the evening pick-up games. They won't be alone in their love..

Class of 2005:

6' 6" Jon Brockman (Snohomish). He is a man-child. Big Jon ranked fifth in productivity, averaged 10.8ppg with 11.5 rebounds (second only to Beitinger). He did this off the bench, as he is the sixth man for the senior-dominated Panthers. His size was impressive but I wondered if he had anything else. He answered that with explosive quickness. He hit the middle on the break against Garfield and threw down a monster jam with two guys hanging on him. Later he took a pass in the high post, faked left and spun right and blew by the defense for a lay up. The guys I was sitting with all looked at each other and nodded their approval, saying "guess maybe he's not just big." It will be interesting to watch him develop over the next three years. I first saw him last summer when he was 6' 5", 230. He's only 14, turns 15 in the spring, but looks 20. His sister plays at UW and his brother Paul is a 6' 4" sophomore who has a pretty good game himself.

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