2003 Spotlight: Regis Koundjia

Regis Koundjia. Never heard of him? You will. Our first look at Regis was last year at the Bull City Classic. Since then, according to his coach, he's improved and his recruitment is taking off.

Central Africa's Next College Player

Regis Koundjia, a 6-6 small forward from Laurinburg (NC) Laurinburg Institute, recently completed a very nice initial year in the United States. The native of Central Africa averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds a game for Chris Chaney's Laurinburg team.

"He just did everything," Chaney said. "He's an all-around player. He gets it done defensively and makes the right decisions. He doesn't take a minute off."

For his efforts, Koundjia has begun to receive interest from Xavier, Wake Forest, Louisiana State, Maryland and North Carolina. He'll be on display this summer with Rob Jackson and the Potomac Valley Blue Devils.

Chaney has coached some good players in his day, James White, Rodney White, DerMarr Johnson and Jamison Brewer to name a few. However, he really likes Regis and his potential. "He obviously needs to keep improving. I need him to learn to take over a game for us. I need him to be more vocal. Talent wise, he can be almost as good as any of them."

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