Huggins Won't Have To Worry About Bobbitt

There's a lot of speculation going in regards to what sideline Bob Huggins will be patrolling next season. One thing is certain and that's the future of Tony Bobbitt.

Bobbitt To Follow Huggins

There's a lot of gray area surrounding Bob Huggins these days. Will he be at Cincinnati? Will he move to West Virginia?

For junior college guard Tony Bobbitt, it doesn't matter where Huggins calls home next season.

"No doubt, where (Bob Huggins) goes, that's where Tony goes," College of Southern Idaho assistant Jay Cyriac said. "If he's going to Alaska-Fairbanks, that's where Tony's going."

Bobbitt committed, but did not sign with Cincinnati. He committed after the early signing period and wouldn't be scheduled to sign anything until mid-April. Therefore, Bobbitt is free to move with Huggins to West Virginia or stay with the Bearcats at Cincinnati without penalty.

It's a good situation to be in for Bobbitt and has to comforting for Huggins as well, knowing that he has a blue chipper ready to roll with him no matter what decision he makes.

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