The 2003 Database Is Here!

The database has arrived! The 2003 scouting database is up and running. Over 300 members of the Class of 2003 can be accessed via the most comprehensive database available online.

Database Has Pictures And Much More

One of the great features of this site is the extensive database. It was recently completed and launched live for subscribers to delve into. You won't find a more comprehensive guide to the Class of 2003 available on the Internet.

Where else will you find as many pictures, bios, school lists and recruiting tidbits? and recruiting network is the place to be for this exclusive information. Let this unique tool serve as a guide for your journey on the recruiting trail throughout the season.

While the database is far from filled – we'll add new prospects everyday – it's a great way to familiarize yourself with the current members of the Class of 2003. Use it as your guide to see what prospects are receiving early interest from schools across the country. Use it to find out who the better prospects in the land are.

While we are tremendously excited to have the database up and running, I wanted to explain a few things. The information about players and school lists was gathered over the course of the last few months. During that time, schools have been added and in some cases dropped.

The information in the database is as accurate as we know it to be right now. However, things will change and change quickly. Not only will new schools be added to prospects' lists, but also new prospects will be added at a rapid pace.

Under the current rules of the database, for a prospect to be "visible" to the public, schools have to be listed with them. In some cases, there are prospects in the database that we just don't have school lists for yet. To find out if a prospect is in the database, simply type in his number using the "Search" feature. Even if he doesn't have a list of schools, his name will come up if he's in the database.

Don't see your favorite player in the database? Don't worry. It's still early. After the spring AAU events, hopefully we'll have a few hundred more names and faces to add. We'll continually update the status of players throughout the course of the season.

Please remember, this is a changing database and information comes in daily. It's also very early in the process.

Thanks for your time,

DT, national director of basketball scouting

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