2008 Focus: Drew Gordon

The 6-8 15-year-old from San Jose, Drew Gordon, has only played basketball for four years, but it's clear he's an elite high-major prospect. It's very early in his recruitment, but he tells us a few tidbits just to get us started...

Drew Gordon, the 6-8 sophomore powr forward from San Jose (Calif.) Bishop Mitty, is one of the best prospects in the class of 2008 on the west coast and a potential top 25 national player.

Gordon just turned 15 years old a few weeks ago, the correct age for his class, and is still very new to the entire AAU and recruiting scene, and that was evident when we spoke to him in Las Vegas during the recent July evaluation period.

"I haven't thought too much about all of this, about colleges and things," Gordon said. As if recruiting and considering colleges will be a chore, Gordon added, "I'm still having fun."

Having only played organized basketball for four years, Gordon is a natural, elite talent that most west coast elite programs have already recognized. He's very athletic, able to get off the floor very quickly and play above the rim, while he also has a natural feel around the basket that is advanced for his age.

When he put those talents on display at the Reebok ABCD Camp and then the Reebok Big Time in July, college coaches were scrambling to see how they could make contact with Gordon legally. His AAU coaches and high school coaches received flurries of phone calls. "It's been good, so far," Gordon said. "Once they talked to one of my coaches, then my dad called a few college coaches. It's good to know that they're interested in me so early."

His father, Eddy, played basketball at San Diego State, and then had a shot at the NBA, while he also had a chance to play football in the NFL, so his dad knows the recruiting drill, and it's rubbed off a bit on his son.

When asked what kind of schools have shown interest so far, Gordon said, "The Pac-10, and a few others."

Gordon, though, hasn't really formulated too strong an opinion about any colleges at the age of 15. "I just haven't paid much attention to all the different college teams yet," he said. "I haven't thought that much about colleges. I like the Pac-10, but I'm still interested in looking into the east coast. I want a school that plays a good style, that likes to get out and run. I'd like a coach that can motivate me."

Gordon said, while it's extremely early, he thinks he'd like to go to a big college environment. "I'd like a place that's big, with a lot of people, and there's a lot going on. One with a good tradition, too, and good academics."

Gordon admits that he didn't excel academically in his first year in high school, but that's already changed. "But I improved the second semester," he said. "I had a 2.5 GPA for the year, which I know isn't great. But my parents are tough on me about school. They've said ‘books before ball.' So if I don't do well enough in the classroom they won't let me play. I'm taking summer school now and I'm going to try to make sure that everything is fine with school."

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