2007 Intro: Devin Ebanks

Devin Ebanks was a guy that few knew much about entering July, but that changed in a hurry after the skilled and long Bishop Loughlin (N.Y.) standout excelled at ABCD Camp.

Unless you are from the New York area, there was virtually no chance you had ever heard about Devin Ebanks. That changed in July.

Ebanks, a long 6-foot-8, 175-pound rising junior at Bishop Loughlin (N.Y.), the same school that produced current Villanova star Curtis Sumpter, made a name for himself on the national scene with an impressive week-long performance at the ABCD Camp that earned him a spot in the underclassman all-star game.

``I knew I could play with those guys," Ebanks said. "I came into the camp with confidence and that's what allowed me to do what I did. I had worked on my game and my body coming into the camp, so I went in with plenty of confidence."

Now Ebanks, who displayed the ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter throughout the camp, will try to continue to work on adding bulk to his thin frame and also on becoming a better defender.

His goal: To become like his favorite player, UConn forward Rudy Gay.

Ebanks averaged 15 points and eight rebounds as a sophomore, but that hardly drew the attention of the college coaches like his performance in Teaneck, New Jersey did in early July.

The 15-year-old small forward said instead of receiving a sporadic letter from a college coach during the week – as he did prior to July – now he gets a handful each and every day.

It's not so much that the big-name schools weren't writing him before, but now the scope has extended down the east coast.

Ebanks said that Louisville, St. John's and Georgetown were the ones sending him mail in the past, but now the ACC has taken notice – with N.C. State, Miami, Florida State and Clemson all trying to get involved.

``I'd like to play in either the Big East or the ACC," Ebanks admitted. "I'd like to go somewhere that I can get some playing time as a freshman and make an impact."

For now, Ebanks admits that St. John's is in front – and it wouldn't be much of a shock if he remains close to home to be close to his mother.

``Where I live, there's a lot of motivation to try and get out of the projects," Ebanks said. "I see kids dying every day. Just today (Sunday), someone pulled out a gun during a tournament in Queens. I'm an only child and I admit I'm a mamma's boy, so I'd like to be able to take care of my mom."

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