Peacock Favors A Pair

Miami (Fla.) Norland standout power forward Zach Peacock has a pair of favorites. At this stage, it's an SEC vs. ACC battle for his services.

During the Nike All-American Camp, it seemed like a certain 6-foot-7 power forward had everyone's attention. With a fairly sculpted body and a mid-range jumper that was seeing the bottom of the net with regularity, Zach Peacock had arrived.

"I think I got quite a bit accomplished," Peacock said of his summer run. "I didn't play like I wanted to play in every tournament but I think I did good and accomplished enough. I let people know that there is something down here in Florida."

Man, Florida kids love to take up for their home state and that's a good thing. This predominantly football crazed state is beginning to embrace its hoops and the talent never seems to shy away from the soap box.

"Most high-major colleges, they don't even look at Florida," Peacock said. "They need to come down here and start recruiting. Its history I guess."

Two schools that are recruiting Peacock or in his case, have made the most headway are Georgia Tech and Florida.

"It's 50-50 to tell you the truth," Peacock said. He's also interested in Cincinnati, Purdue and Maryland.

Relationships, strong ones, have put the Gators and the Jackets at the head of the pack.

"The relationship with me and the coaches – Coach C.Y. (assistant Charleton Young) and Coach Hewitt. It's the same thing with Florida, we've got good relationships.

"Florida, they've always been there. Georgia Tech, Coach Charlton Young was at Tennessee-Chattanooga and he was recruiting me over there. When he came to Georgia Tech he told Coach Hewitt about me and it got better after that."

Peacock would like to take some visits but there's a minor bit of business he's got to get out of the way first: he hasn't taken the SAT. Scheduled to take the test in September, Peacock can then begin his visitation process.

"I know I'm going to take visits to (Florida and Georgia Tech) but I know if there will be a third school I take visits to."

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