Possibility for Haggerty?

The talented senior shooting guard, Jeremy Haggerty, has some big-named schools recruiting him on the chance that he could qualify academically...

Jeremy Haggerty, 6-3 SR SG, Canyon Country (Calif.) Canyon, has some of the best all-around skills of any shooting guard in the senior class. His recruitment, though, has been a little hampered by the general word that Haggerty wouldn't qualify.

That still very well could be the case, but because Haggerty is pretty talented so some programs are hedging their bets and keeping an iron the fire of his recruitment.

Haggerty, who averaged 20 points and 9 boards a game as a senior, said he still hasn't achieved a qualifying test score. "I got an 800 on the most recent one," Haggerty said. "But I'm taking it again."

Haggery also said that his GPA is a 2.2, while he's also short a couple of core classes to be passed by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Haggerty said, though, that, if he improves his SAT score considerably,, there's a possibility he could go to summer school and take the classes he needs to qualify. He said he's working hard on his classes right now and hopes to then also bolster his core GPA.

Yes, it's still a bit of a longshot that he'll qualify, but some schools are still showing interest just in case. "Pepperdine thinks there's a chance," Haggerty said. "There's also Oregon, Arizona State and Wyoming who are still contacting me. Fresno State was interested, interested in me as a Prop 48, but I haven't heard from them in a while." Haggerty is also hearing from many JUCOs and east-coast prep schools. "Every day they call," he said.

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