St. Clair Turning Into Prime Prospect

Roger Bacon did what few have been able to do in the last three years: beat LeBron James. The Bacon Boys did it in the state title game with the help of junior power forward Monty St. Clair. The 6-9 St. Clair is heating up on the recruiting scene.

List Keeps Growing For St. Clair

The AAU season can be a wonderful thing. Often times, it makes prospects out of guys we've never heard of and enhances the reputations of guys deserving of the praise. Meet Monty St. Clair.

The 6-9 junior from Roger Bacon is developing into a fine prospect. He had a good season, won a state title and now the interest from schools is starting to peak. By the time July rolls around, interest in Monty will reach its apex.

Right now, Tulane, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Stanford, Princeton, Duquesne, UConn and Purdue have shown interest. Tulane and Duquesne have already offered after watching him average 13 points and 9 rebounds this year.

"I'm not sure if I want to go to a bigger school where I might not play my first two years or a smaller school," St. Clair said. One thing is for sure, a year ago he didn't have the same schools knocking at his door, but he worked hard and improved.

"A lot of it was confidence; just getting to play so many games through AAU and high school. Also just getting into the gym and working out."

His improvement helped Roger Bacon to the state title as they won a game against St. Vincent-St. Mary that few observers thought they could. "I was expecting it but I don't think many other people were. We did a good job of really stopping everybody except for LeBron. The first time we played them we focused too much on LeBron. This time we respected him as a good player and let the other guys make plays."

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