2007 Intro: Donte Greene

Donte Greene isn't your typical teen-ager. To start, he's traveled the world. The Towson Catholic (Md.) junior forward is also one of the top players in the Class of 2007.

Not too many basketball players want to follow in their mother's footsteps, but then again, Donte Greene is no ordinary basketball player.

The 6-foot-8 ½, 215-pound Towson Catholic (Md.) junior forward was a military kid, following his mother to Germany and to Japan before moving back to Baltimore to live with his father after his mother died when he was 13.

``She worked for the NSA (National Security Agency)," Greene said. "That's really all I knew. She wasn't allowed to talk about her job. She taught about computers and that's really all I knew."

``If I don't play in the NBA, I'd like to go into the NSA and travel the world," Greene added.

Greene (Scout.com, No. 12) is a different kind of kid. On the court, he's a shot-blocker who is quick off his feet. He can shoot the ball from the perimeter, but needs to get stronger.

Off the court, he's a articulate, engaging, well-rounded kid.

``I played good this spring and summer, but I could have done better," Greene said. "I asked coaches what they thought and most of them said I needed to take people off the dribble more. I wasn't a key factor all the time, but I was a factor a lot."

Greene, 17, has a game similar to Lamar Odom's. However, it's no surprise that his favorite players are a pair of Baltimore bred guys – Carmelo Anthony, who also attended Towson Catholic, and UConn sophomore Rudy Gay.

If basketball doesn't work out for Greene and he doesn't end up in the NSA, there's a chance he might have a career in volleyball.

``That's my number one hobby," he said. "I'm all net. I'm looking to be an All-American."

UCLA has already offered Greene a scholarship – for volleyball. However, his future will likely be solely on the basketball court.

Greene, a 2.9 student, said he's going to take a long, hard look at the recruiting process and try and figure out what the best situation is for him.

Recently, he visited his godfather, who lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, and took an unofficial visit to N.C. State while he was in the area. He was also supposed to take one to North Carolina, but that didn't work out since the Tar Heels coaches weren't in the area at the time.

His list is extensive – Clemson, Kentucky, Miami, UNC, Duke, Kansas, Syracuse, Georgetown, Maryland, Florida State, Iowa State, Texas and Notre Dame.

``It's so many, I'm overwhelmed," he said. "But I have three dream schools. It always used to be North Carolina – from my boxers to my socks, everything was North Carolina. Then ‘Melo went to Syracuse and now Rudy is at UConn."

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