2007's Evan Turner

Last year, Evan Turner was lacing them up for his school's JV team. This summer, he graduated to varsity with a jump shot that beat powerful Boo Williams at the AAU Nationals.

It might have been the shot of the summer or at least the summer stunner. Small forward Evan Turner, a junior out of St. Joseph's in Chicago, dropped a heartbreaker on Boo Williams (the tournament favorite) down in Orlando.

"We were tied up 55-55 and they had the ball with 14 seconds left," Turner said as he set the stage for the shot. "Eric Hayes came down and missed a shot. I got the rebound, dribbled to halfcourt and called a timeout. We set up a Robert Horry-type thing. I passed it to Demetri McCamey, he passed it back and I broke down (Vernon) Macklin and hit a floater at the free throw line."

And folks, with that shot Evan Turner turned up the intensity of his recruitment and pretty made anointed himself a prospect in the Class of 2007.

Who is Evan Turner? Well, he's a young man who spent most of his sophomore season on the junior varsity. His first varsity call up resulted in a 19-point half!

He's also a young man, who at 6-foot-5 1/2, might not be done growing. Now, everyone's favorite line is "the doctor says …" Forget what the doctor says, this guy has proof.

"I grew up playing point guard and I hit a 6-inch growth spurt since the start of freshman year. I pretty much play the two, three and four."

With or without another growth spurt, Turner is settling into a position to be recruited at a fairly high level.

Before the AAU Nationals, Turner had an offer from Iowa State and Southern Illinois. Afterwards, Iowa, Marquette, Mississippi and Bradley moved strong on him.

And they aren't alone.

North Carolina State, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State, Virginia and DePaul have shown interest. He took a recent trip to DePaul unofficially. This month, he'll see Iowa, Illinois and Southern Illinois (9/30).

File his name away because Evan Turner as momentum, talent and a chance to make it happen.

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