Chas McFarland Out of Shadow

Chas McFarland's claim to fame thus far is that he was the guy who came in the game when Greg Oden took a breather. But now the 7-footer will get a chance to show what he can do with a year in the prep ranks.

There were plenty of guys around the country who could make a case for starting instead of coming off the bench. Chas McFarland isn't one of them – and he understood that better than just about anyone.

That's because the 7-foot, 200-pound McFarland was Greg Oden's backup with the Spiece Indy Heat.

``It was fun," McFarland said. "We hardly ever lost. I learned a lot from watching Greg – how he handles himself when he's always got people hanging on him, his footwork and his attitude. He's so humble."

McFarland didn't exactly receive extensive playing time, and when he was in the game, it was often when Spiece was blowing out its opponents.

``I got a chance to play, but I could have played more," added McFarland.

However, McFarland, who averaged 17 points, 14 rebounds and 8 blocks at Lovington High (Ill.) as a senior, opted to take a prep year at Worcester Academy (Mass.) and his role will likely differ substantially from that in the spring and summer.

McFarland has good hands, rebounds the ball well, passes it out of double-teams in the post and has become more assertive on the offensive end. The big man needs to gain weight, but he runs the floor well for a 7-footer and his stock should rise while at Worcester.

``I really like the way he competes," Worcester coach Ed Reilly said. "He's been well-schooled by someone along the way. He challenges every shot, has good hands and is exceptionally long. He's a little better offensively than what I was told."

``He's a seven-footer with a good skill package," added Reilly. "From what I've seen, he's got the best hands of any big kid I've seen. That's what's so intriguing about him."

McFarland, 18, has gained interest from the likes of Ball State, Eastern Michigan, Evansville and USC. Reilly added that Providence, Eastern Illinois and Chicago State have expressed interest as well.

``I want to go somewhere that can help me develop and hopefully get to the next level," he said.

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