On Campus: Sept. 9 Weekend Visitors

Few guys throw a party like Thad Matta these days. The Ohio State coach loves big games (basketball or football) and when the Buckeyes have a biggie their invite list is always impressive! Plus, see which ACC team has three Top 25 juniors on campus!

With 105,000 people in stands for the Texas-Ohio State game, it might be tough to spot the basketball prospects the Buckeyes are hosting this weekend, but rest assured they are in town, en masse.

Thad Matta's crew has all four committed Buckeyes in town and just for kicks, invited a pair of Top 50 players – Kosta Koufus, Dallas Lauderdale – in for the game as well.

The Maryland Terrapins aren't messing around this weekend either. Gary Williams and Co. have a trio of Top 25 juniors -- Donte Greene, Julian Vaughn, Austin Freeman -- on campus for Saturday's game.

It might be the biggest visit of the new century for the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. Top 100 guard Jerome Randle and rising senior forward Jamal McLean are in town.

Down at Georgia Tech, well, they've got quite a crew in as well. Thaddeus Young and Alex Stepheson, two coveted seniors, will have the attention of the Tech staff.

Does it get any better at Gonzaga? Three Top 100 kids all on campus at the same time led by Top 25 stud Deon Thompson. WOW!

Ohio State

  • Greg Oden (unofficial 9/10)
  • Mike Conley (unofficial 9/10)
  • David Lighty
  • Daequan Cook (unofficial 9/10)
  • Aaron Pogue (2007, unofficial 9/10?)
  • Kosta Koufos (2007, unofficial)
  • Jon Diebler, (2007, unofficial)
  • Dallas Lauderdale (2007, unofficial)
  • B.J. Mullens (2008, unofficial)


  • Braxton Dupree (2007, unofficial)
  • Donte Greene (2007, unofficial)
  • Julian Vaughn (2007, unofficial)
  • Austin Freeman (2007, unofficial)
  • Sean Mosley (2008, unofficial)


  • Raymar Morgan

    Georgia Tech

  • Alex Stephenson
  • Thaddeus Young
  • Lance Storrs (2007, unofficial)


  • Phil Nelson
  • Deon Thompson
  • Matt Bouldin


  • Jerome Randle
  • Jamal McLean


  • Bryce Webster
  • Casey Crawford


  • Kyle Austin
  • Ryan Anderson


  • Derrick Jasper

    Boston College

  • Jerome Dyson (unofficial)

    West Virginia

  • Desean Butler (unofficial)


  • Patrick Christopher

    Wichita State

  • Adam Koch


  • Quincy Pondexter

    Mississippi State

  • Eugene Harvey


  • Willie Kemp


  • Andrew Jones


  • Matt Hill


  • Jodie Meeks


  • Verice Cloyd (likely cancelled)


  • George Odufuwa

    Florida State

  • Dexter Pittman

    New Mexico

  • Landry Fields


  • Jacob Green


  • Eric Platt

    Western Carolina

  • Omar Thomas

    Eastern Kentucky

  • Josh Daniel

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