Pump Tournament: Still More Juniors

We continue our coverage of the Pump Easter tournament with our impressions on some more of the junior prospects. Ray Shafer, Brett Collins and Devon Evertsen are among those featured in this report..

A look at more juniors from the Pump Easter tournament this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Ray Shafer, 6-10 C, Wasilla (Alaska) High. Probably the best true center prospect among west coast players at the tourney, Shafer moves extremely well and has good athleticism. His skills are still developing but there just aren't many guys 6-10+ who have high major athleticism out there, so Shafer could very well be this year's Matt Haryasz and end up getting some attention from big-named schools by the time the summer is over. Coaches were already raising eyebrows watching him.

Tyler McGinn, 6-6 SG/SF, Mesquite (Ariz.) High. I've been a big McGinn fan for sometime and it's only a matter of time before the big-named schools become so, too, if they haven't already. McGinn has probably the best combo of size, athleticism and shooting ability of any wing on the west coast. He might be better suited as a small forward, but he has the quickness to stay with two-guards defensively, which makes him even more valuable. He also, from what I hear, has very good grades, so by the end of the Pump Tourney, he had the Stanford coaches watching his games.

Christian Timba, 6-10 C, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont. No one saw Timba play this weekend, since he was on the sideline with a stress fracture in his foot. But if there was ever a kid who passes the eyeball test, this is the one. He and his AAU coach said he's only 17, but he looks like an NBA player physically. Originally from Cameroon, he's transferring to Fremont from a high school in Louisville, Kentucky, where he put up 14/10 a game, he said. From asking around, the reports are that he's very raw, but very big and physical.

Devon Evertsen, 6-6 SF Phoenix (Ariz.) Moon Valley. Evertsen had adecent showing, but didn't appear to be an elite high-major prospect -- at least not yet. Pretty good shot, handles it ok, but lacks theexplosiveness and strength of a Richard Jefferson (a player he's often compared with). Defense and intensity could be kicked up a notch as well. A solid mid to high major prospect, but needs to show more if he's to be recruited by the top programs in the country.

Josh Olsen, 6-2 PG Sandy (Utah) Alta. Another player we hadn't seen before who made a good impression. Not sure that he'll end up a point, but he handled it pretty well and made solid decisions. Very good stroke with range, good size and fairly athletic. Can put it on the floor and makes plays off the dribble. A potential mid to high major prospect.

Rayshawn Reed, 6-0 PG/SG Inglewood (Calif.) High. A player with no true position. Doesn't shoot it well enough to play the two and lacks the feel/handle for playing point guard. Does have good quickness and can defend well when he puts his mind to it. High major athlete, but lack of position and somewhat raw skills probably puts him at the low to mid major level.

Liam Hughes, 7-1 C Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian. The big fella continues to make incremental progress. Offensive game is still limited, but he plays hard and has an impact inside at the defensive end. Showed pretty nice hands on a couple rebounds and has some toughness to him. He needs to improve his conditioning, as he got winded very easily. For the coach who wants a true center, and is willing to put in the time to develop a player, Hughes is a high-major prospect. Will need a redshirt year, but could be an interesting player three years from now.

Matt Nelson, 6-7 PF Sammamish (Wash.) Skyline. Good frame and a very nice stroke. Not particularly explosive, but good feet and hands. We didn't see him do much inside, as he settled mostly on the perimeter for jumpers. Someone to keep an eye on though.

Brett Collins, 6-5 SF Phoenix (Ariz.) Mountain Pointe. Big, strong lefty with a very nice stroke. Can put it on the floor a bit and is willing to mix it up inside. Ability to defend on the perimeter will be a question, but we liked his competitiveness. Possible mid-major prospect.

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