Thomas Close To Narrowing Focus

Busy people understand the importance of being productive on a plane ride. Well, the nation's No. 19 prospect will use a 4.5 hour plane ride to Arizona to trim his list this coming.

Avid recruiting fans could be less than 7 days away from learning what Lance Thomas is thinking. The St. Benedict's product, a 6-foot-8 power forward, will trim his list this weekend, according to his uncle Monty Montgomery.

"We'll have that done on our trip to Arizona (9/16)," Montgomery said. "There are one or two schools where he's not sure. We'll definitely have that done on our 4 ½ ride out to Arizona."

Thus far, only Arizona and most recently Duke have been able to land visits. "Something is being tentatively set up for Duke at the end of September (9/30)," Montgomery said. "We're in the process of setting it up now. They ran the dates by me and I have to get back with them. Those are the only two that have been set up as of now."

Thomas,'s No. 19 prospect out of St. Benedict's in Jersey, has a list that includes Duke, Arizona, Georgia Tech, Connecticut, Florida, Rutgers, Villanova and St. John's. North Carolina is on the list and came on during the end of the period in July but doesn't seem to have made quite the push, at least not yet.

Montgomery said unofficial visits to Georgia Tech, UConn and Florida are likely to take place.

"Going out to Georgia Tech, he prefers to visit a lot of these schools during the basketball season," Montgomery said. "He wants to take in a game during the season. Going out now doesn't really fulfill what he wants to fulfill. He wants to do that now and then go back again."

By taking unofficial visits and slowly working in his official visits, this situation appears to be a recruitment that will take time to sort out. Montgomery agrees.

"I personally think that he's not going to sign until the late signing period. Once he goes out and starts taking visits, I think that'll help him out a lot. Plus, we'll see how some of the teams do during the course of the season. It'll give him a better assessment."

Expect Thomas and Co. to visit Arizona this weekend and trim his list to about six schools by mid week next week.

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