May, Stoudemire Share Classic Honors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The only guy, who didn't score in the 2002 Jordan Brand Capital Classic, was Michael himself. His airness wasn't in the building, but it really was of little consequence in the White team's 167-121 win.

May, Stoudemire Share MVP Honors

The Red and White teams at the Jordan Brand Capital Classic combined to score 288 points. That's an average of 12 points per man in the game. Carmelo Anthony was the leading scorer in the contest, but his White team was on the opposite end of 161-127 whipping.

Sean May and Amare Stoudemire were the co-MVP's and rightfully so. May dazzled with his long-range shooting and surprised all 7,742 people in attendance by draining 3-of-4 from downtown. He also had 10 rebounds.

Stoudemire finished with a man-like 23 points and a beastly 17 boards; he also had 3 blocks and 6 assists. He was on the receiving end of a Jarrett Jack off-the-backboard alley-oop that was pretty impressive.

Give Stoudemire His Due

Believe it or not, Amare Stoudemire has more critics – at least in the media – these days than he has fans. We take the opposite approach. Here's a young man who for the better part of his life has been taken advantage now. For him to accomplish what he has this season is nothing short of amazing.

First off, it's still this scout's belief that he's the best prospect in the class. Speed, power, athleticism and yes, skill, all come into play. This is a lottery guy. Secondly, he's really learning how to handle himself well. He fields questions, sometimes very pointed and tough ones, with ease, confidence and contemplation. Folks, he's going to the league so let's just enjoy him while he lasts.

Player Notes

  • Justin Gray loves to catch fire late in games and he did it again in the Classic. Most of 3s (5-for-8) came late in the second half.
  • Give Aaron Spears a lot of credit. The Illinois-bound center has redefined his body and will be ready to contribute as a frosh at UI.
  • Both Iowa players – Jeff Horner and Greg Brunner – dove into the stands chasing loose balls. That says something about the effort they'll give Steve Alford next season. "I'm a football player," Horner said. 
  • Carmelo Anthony went 12-17 from the line and 7-for-16 from the field to get his 27 points.
  • Jarrett Jack's passing and energy were welcomed in the contest. He had a game-high 8 assists.
  • When Rashad McCants dives to the low blocks, it's the toughest matchup in high school basketball. Comparable sized players can't guard him down on the blocks and he uses that area of the court to set up the rest of his game. He had 23 points and 4 boards and went 3-for-5 from beyond the arc. McCants is all man. 
  • John Gilchrist did some things with a basketball the Harlem Globetrotters might want to incorporate into their show. Gilchrist's dribbling exhibition may or may not have been a legal way to bring the ball up the court but it sure was cool to see a guy dribble the basketball with his knees.
  • Denham Brown, Canada's finest, is big and getting bigger. The guy is a power swingman blessed with a scorer's finesse. Lookout Big East.

More Notes

The White squad has a decided advantage before the tip. First of all, they had better talent. Secondly, they had two less players they needed to player, meaning their stars would be on the floor longer. Secondly, Michael Thompson had the flu so he didn't have to play much. … Speaking of the White Team, Kennedy Winston was a no-show for the event. Sources say they never received as much as a phone call as to his whereabouts this week. Bryan Hopkins was excused for "family matters." … One would figure with the game being relatively close to Philly, we would see Matt Walsh. However, our sources said that when informed he wouldn't be in the main game and was asked to play in the opener, Walsh declined the invitation. … Thompson on playing with the flue: "When my brother finds out I played, he's gonna kill me." … Here's a little note we picked up from West Coast talent scout Gerry Freitas. Apparently, DeAngelo Collins made the McDonald's Game but wasn't an all-league player back at home. He missed 10 conference games with an injury and wasn't voted all-league. …

Metro Classic (Game One)

The United States All-Stars beat a game crew from the Capital, 119-97. Robert Hite scored 15 points to lead the U.S. and was named the MVP. Nick George scored 18 in defeat and was named the MVP of his team.

Player Notes:

  • Props to Chadd Moore for his 12 points and 6 assists. He came out playing team oriented.
  • Speaking of team oriented, Shawan Robinson scored 12 and had 6 assists. " Hey, I even tried to play some defense," Robinson said. · Brandon Bowman hasn't been home in two weeks. He was in Germany last week for the Schweitzer Games and scored 17 in this one.
  • Mike Brey has a gem in Chris Quinn. The guy can handle the basketball and maybe more importantly, is an extremely reliable shooter to 3-point land.
  • Before the game, Rashad Anderson would have been an easy choice for MVP. However, his 7 points which included a 1-for-5 from downtown didn't get it done. "I had a bad game," Anderson said. 
  • Nik Caner-Medley looks like he'll be bringing his athleticism and defensive abilities to the new arena in College Park. 
  • Rick Cornett remained active throughout the event and finished with 11 rebounds.
  • Capital All-Star Chris Williams will be paid a visit by Kent State on Friday. If he doesn't like Kent during an upcoming campus visit, he may attend Hargrave Military next season.
  • Kevin Steenberge had 3 blocks, all of them big-time. He rejected Anderson twice on the same play.
  • Nick George will visit South Carolina the weekend of April 20. Dayton, LaSalle, West Virginia and Western Kentucky are also banging around.

Final Notes:

Good sources tell us Kentucky is the top school choice of Rice center Shagari Alleyne. Want to know who No. 2 is? Try Louisville. … We hear the Terps on in good with Luol Deng and Charlie Villanueva. The bottom line is that they'd take either one of them and be happy, according to sources. …

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