Bennett Being Patient With Process

With everyone running around taking visits, we wondered why Jacksonville (Fla.) Arlington Country Day senior Jason Bennett had yet to partake in the free trips. Well, as it turned out, there's good reason why he hasn't been on an official visit yet.

Jason Bennett isn't in any rush to make a college decision. The 7-foot-2 center out of Arlington Country Day was all set to be a Bearcat then the situation with Bob Huggins went down at Cincinnati. Now, according to his high school coach, he's back at square one.

"As I told (the family) I don't think there's any rush," ACD coach Rex Morgan said. "It's not like he's going to get shutout and not have a place to go."


Plus, Bennett isn't eligible to take an official visit until after he posts a standardized test score. Morgan said his star takes the ACT for the first time Sept. 24th.

It's no secret that Bennett had a soft spot in his heart for the Bearcats and now there's a void. "Everybody in the world is calling after he opened up after Cincinnati's situation," Morgan said. "He's trying to see if he's going to sign early or wait until the fall. If Huggins gets another job in March or April."

This is hard to believe, but only one school has actually done an in-home with him. Clemson was in his home on Sunday to make a presentation.

Morgan conceded that Clemson's presence was noted but Bennett remains open to looking around. "I think it says a little bit that (Clemson was) the only one that's been in but he sure didn't commit today."

In-homes with Georgia and Miami were cancelled. Michigan and Syracuse want to come in and sit down with him.

"Right now we haven't set any official visits. If he's going to sign in November, I'd encourage him to take visits in October. If he's not going to sign I would encourage him to take his visits late."

At this point, there's no rush to take any visits and consequently, the best guess is that Jason Bennett turns into a spring signee.

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