Christopher Going Back To Cali

For the Cal coaching staff, it must have felt like a roller coaster. But you know what; most of the people who get off the coaster do so with a smile on their face. On Tuesday, somewhere, Ben Braun was smiling.

Patrick Christopher, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard out of Compton (Calif.) Dominguez, committed to California (again) on Tuesday.

Those who follow recruiting are familiar with Christopher's are aware that he committed and then de-committed to California. Now, history tells us that guys who waver often times never come back to their original plan. To Christopher's credit he kept and open mind. To Cal's credit, they went even hard after him.

"They were the first people to recruit me and that's where I'm going to end up going to school," Christopher said. "Coach Braun, he didn't have to come to any of the games and see me play; he knew how I played. He just came to support me. Plus, they were the only staff that had at least two people at all of my games."

Kentucky went in to see Christopher on Tuesday, the day he re-committed. Guess who else was there? "The crazy part was that Coach Braun was there also," Christopher said. California simply never gave up.

"It came down to basically loyalty and they showed more dedication. It seemed like a better fit."

Kentucky came calling and he visited Texas this month. The No. 64 recruit in the nation looked around and checked his options and came back to where it all began.

"It's an up and coming program," Christopher said of the Golden Bears. "A lot of people are sleeping on them right now. They'll surprise the Pac-10 this year. The opportunity was there as far as guards leaving and that two spot is open as far as my freshman year. I'm going to go and put in some work my freshman year.

"It all worked out right."

Sure sounds like it did.

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