Renegades Capture Weber Championship

VILLANOVA, Pa. – There are people out there who will tell you that they had Maryland and Indiana playing for the championship in their office pool. However unlikely that may have been, we would have been more inclined to believe that prognostication than a Fairfax Stars vs. World Wide Renegades final at the Weber.

World Wide Renegades Rule Pennsylvania

The World Wide Renegades won the 2002 Charlie Weber Invitational. Come again? Yes, the World Wide Renegades defeated the Fairfax Stars 57-48 in a highly unlikely championship battle.

The Renegades, comprised of youngsters from Georgia and Illinois, scrapped their way past the Tim Thomas Playaz in the semifinals en route to the championship. Among the standouts for the Renegades were center Dwayne Curtis and guard Anthony Harris, both of Whitney Young in Chicago. Danilo Pinnock and Terry Parker were among a handful of Georgia natives who played well. The Renegades were a mixed bag of present juniors and seniors.

While World Wide's run to the title caught everyone by surprise – their roster wasn't even complete in the event's guide – we should have seen it coming from Fairfax. Last weekend at the Boo Williams Invitational they advanced to the final four.

Fairfax's run was spearheaded by swingman Ricky Lucas. He was the team's high scorer for the event. Guard Nick Grant and do-it-all forward Robert Taylor played key roles as well. Shooter extraordinaire Steve Papageorge made big plays all weekend long and drilled three ball after three ball.

As the weekend wore on and the temperature inside Villanova's Pavillion increased, fatigue set in. The third quarter score of the championship game was 36-29 in favor of the Renegades.

The game was won with athletes; the Renegades simply had more of them. Often times in AAU basketball by the time the title game rolls around and everyone is tired, open court basketball rules even more than it normally would. Fairfax looked tired and settled for perimeter attempts. The Renegades played more kids, had better athletes and fired at will from much closer range than the Stars.

Special thanks to Charlie Weber, his wife and the staff for another high-quality weekend of basketball!

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