On Campus: Sept. 24 Weekend Visitors

What would have guessed it? Another big weekend in college basketball? That's right, more prospects are on campus and it's a big time chance for teams like Kentucky and Connecticut to show off!

Vanderbilt has its chance to make the pitch to hometown hero Brandan Wright while Kentucky takes a swing at two players – Thaddeus Young and Willie Kemp – from the city of Memphis.

Then there's Stanford who will try and undo the momentum UNC generated with its visit last weekend. Should be another exciting three days on campuses around the nation.


Thaddeus Young, Kentucky
Willie Kemp, Kentucky
Doneal Mack, Virginia Tech
Patrick Patterson, Virginia Tech (2007)
Shamar Bowden, Virginia Tech (2007)
Nolan Smith, Virgina Tech (2007)
Jeff Allen, Virginia Tech
Brad Sheehan, Virginia
Jonathan Mitchell, Virginia
Sam Zeglinski, Virginia (2007)
Austin Freeman, Virginia (2007)
Alex Stepheson, Connecticut
Raymar Morgan, Connecticut
Casey Crawford, Wichita State
Stanley Robinson, Georgia Tech
Phil Nelson, Washington
Ty Morrisson, Washington
Daniel Deane, Utah
Landry Fields, Gonzaga
Brandan Wright, Vanderbilt
Corey Fisher, DePaul (2007)
Darrell Arthur, Baylor
Sonny Weems, Baylor
Joevan Catron, Oregon
Eric Platt, Kent State
Derrick Jasper, Illinois
Lazar Hayward, Marquette
Desean Butler, DePaul (9/27)
Duke Crews, Wake Forest
Jamal McLean (Pittsburgh)
Thomas Balcetis, Stanford
Spencer Hawes, Stanford
Omar Thomas, South Alabama
Kelvin Grady, Central Michigan (2007)
Wellington Smith, West Virginia
Robbie Hummel, Xavier, Indiana, Illinois
Nolan Smith, Louisville (2007)

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